Top 10 Reasons to Choose Pro Pest Control Sydney

Hire Pro Pest Control Sydney

Let’s face it, pests are the worst. Not only do they crawl on your walls, floors, ceiling and other places but they get to destroy your home too (if you let them). Furthermore, if not treated correctly, they carry several health risks for your family. There are a multitude of diseases that can affect your family as a result of pests. To lower the risk of infection and damage to your home, it’s wise to hire pest control experts.

Here are 10 reasons why you should hire Pro Pest Control Sydney for your home.

1. Qualified and licensed

Any professional performing extermination or fumigation work in Australia must hold a pest management technician license. To be licensed in NSW, you must undergo training and pass several exams.

2. Quality workmanship every time

Pest extermination is not an easy job. It starts with the inspection of the property both indoors and outdoors. Once the type of pest has been identified, special equipment like moisture meters, bore scopes, imaging equipment and listening sensors will be used. This helps to identify the location of the nest allowing complete removal.

3. We listen to you

As the home owner, you may have been bitten or seen chewed wires or furniture. Other evidence you may have come across include grease marks and excrements. Letting us know about these prior to inspection helps to ease our work. Furthermore, it saves you on money and time.

4. Experienced

Through training and experience our technicians can recommend the best strategies for your home. Not only do they use professional equipment like listening sensors and sounding devices, they follow telltale signs of infestations. These include seeing droppings, excrements or pest trails.

5. Emergency services

Pests are pesky and if they have infested your home, then you’ll know how frustrating it can be. Getting bitten in the middle of the night is no fun. Your family deserves peace and quiet. Our team are are on standby 24/7 to bring you the best services no matter what time of day.

6. Free quotes

Simply contact our support staff and you will be provided with a no obligation free quote.

7. We embrace the best practices

Training and experience has taught us that quick solutions never last. That is why our team of experts embrace best practices. We only use pesticides if it is absolutely necessary.  Walways try to use environmentally safe products for pest removal whenever possible.

8. Fully insured

Accidents are unavoidable. To protect you and our experts, we are fully insured. In case of damage to your property, we’ll always cover the costs. Why? We want to create a long lasting relationship with all our customers.

9. Great customer service

Do you have questions regarding mice, ants or cockroaches? We have the answers. All you have to do is contact us to be connected with a qualified exterminator.

10. We support the local community

Without the support of the local community, we could not have grown to be a well established extermination company. That is why we give back. We sponsor local sports teams, run in marathons as well as participating in other local charity events throughout the year.

Final Thoughts

Being a homeowner you want to save money without sacrificing quality workmanship and professionalism. Sometimes doing your own DIY pest control will work fine. However for stubborn problems you need to call in the experts.

If you have a problem you need professional assistance with we are just a phone call away.

Call us today for a free quote and protect your home.