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Looking for ant control in Sydney? Pro Pest Control Sydney can help rid your house of ants.

Ants are one of the most popular insects and house pests. They’re attracted to properties for many reasons, including ease of access to food and water. While we all love getting rid of ants easily, they’re quite important to our ecosystem. If you notice signs of infestation you should hire ant control experts. The team at Pro Pest Control are experienced and trained an removing all ant species. Get control of your ant problem today.

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What are Ants?

They are small, highly social insects that are pretty much everywhere in the world. While there are different species, there’s hardly a country in the world that doesn’t have them around.

Today, there are over 12,00 species of ants in the world. They are highly interesting animals, thanks in no small part to their social nature and ability to carry multiple times their weight. Pest control services can help eliminate an ant problem and kill ants permanently.

Carpenter Ants

Usually found just about anywhere. They’re among the most popular type in Australia.

Most range between 3.5mm to 13mm in length. They’re also black, with some having combinations of red and black bodies. A carpenter ant comes with 12 segmented antennae, but no club. They also don’t have stingers.

You can usually find them in walls, attics, or rotting wood. Interestingly, they don’t eat wood – they just borrow through it. Instead, carpenter ants eat anything, from honeydew, meats, sweets, and even other insects. Although they might bite if you try to pick them up, their bites are largely painless. But, they emit a terrible smell when stepped on or crushed.

Argentine Ants

Argentine ants measure between 2.2mm and 2.8mm, and they come with just one node. You can usually find them in light or dark brown colors. Most tend to stay outdoors. You can find them in the open – especially in the summer. But, they also tend to stay in wall voids and insulation materials if indoors. They eat different things, from sweets and pet food to other insects and meat.

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Black Garden Ants

This type is common in Sydney. You can find them in many habitats, including gardens and even in the soil. If they can find hummus or dry soil, they’re home. They are winged, and they tend to live in very large colonies. Workers for garden ants can be as large as 5mm. As expected, they are black – but, some can be dark brown as well.

The black garden ant has different diets, although they are especially fond of honeydew.

Fire Ants

Another popular type, fire ants are especially famous for their painful bite. They are very common as well, and you can usually find them in outdoor habitats like shrubbery and gardens.

In cold months, they move to areas with warmth and plenty of moisture. Most stay between 4mm and 5mm in length. They come with two nodes, and they can vary in color – although most of them are reddish-brown.

This species are known for their very painful bite, although they also have stingers that they use to inject venom into their prey. You need to be very careful with these and call a pest control expert if you see them.

Bull Ants

Bull ants have a nasty bite which can sting and hurt. If you see a bull ant colony keep clear and contact Pro Pest Control for treat the area.

White Ants

Also commonly referred to as termites. They feed on wood and can cause significant property damage is left unchecked.

Other Ant Species

  • Coastal Brown Ant
  • Black Ants
  • Worker Ants

If you need professional treatment call our ant pest control technicians for immediate assistance.

Dangers of Ants

Ants can be quite dangerous and annual ant pest control is recommended. Although the degree of danger and exposure can vary based on where you are. Take carpenter ants for example. These ants are really good at destroying items and furniture. Carpenter ants can invade your home or office building, and they’ll immediately get to work destroying your wood fixtures.

Then, there are house ants. These ones don’t spread any disease, and they don’t even bite or sting. But, when you step on one or crush it, you’re immediately greeted by this terrible smell that just fills the entire place. If you’re really sensitive or you have respiratory issues, these aren’t the type of creatures you want around you.

You could also notice pavement ants, which tend to prefer living around your pavement-like structures – whether it’s a foundation, a sidewalk, a concrete slab, etc. They have stingers, but rarely sting people. However, they can also crawl through filth and dirty spaces and end up depositing harmful substances on your food and other surfaces.

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Signs of an Ant Infestation

Ant infestations are pretty easy to decipher. They have a lot of signs that point to their infestation, and you can easily find them without a pest control professional.

Most ants leave trails of sawdust around the home. This can be inside and outside, and the trails can be on just about anything.

Hollow sounds in wood beams and floorboards can also point to an ant infestation. You know you’ve got an ant infestation when your wooden fixtures start crumbling. Other signs include discarded wings, piles of dust, and sawdust trails.

You may also notice discarded wings and rustling noises within the walls of your house.

Ant Control Tips

If you’re looking for ant removal tips, here are a few things you can keep in mind to prevent ant problems:

  • Locate the ant nest – Look for ant trails to see where they go, once you find the nest you can identify the ant species.
  • Use bait traps – edible items coated with poison.
  • You can find a non-toxic spray pesticide if the ant infestation is outdoors
  • Practice proper sanitation. These insects can’t thrive in a dirty area.
  • Cut Tree Branches to limit access
  • Limit Food Sources
  • Buy Over The Counter Ant Control Products

If you find that the infestation might be too much, we recommend that you get a professional ant pest control service.

Ant FAQs

Do ants bite?

Yes, they do.

When are ants most active?

They are especially active in the spring and summer months

Can they make you sick?

Some are known to trigger allergic reactions. So, yes they might make you sick.

Are ants strong?

Yes, they are. Some are known to carry up to 20 times their weight.

How many species of are there?

There are currently over 12,00 species of ants.

Pest Control Prices

Getting an pest exterminator will cost between $120 and $220.

  • Type of species
  • Degree of infestation
  • Your location
  • The size of your building
  • Amount of treatment visits required

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