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The two types of ants that are most likely to want to share your home are Black House Ants and Coastal Brown Ants.


Types and Habits of Ants

Black House Ants are native to Australia and Asia. They’re very small, black ants. Outdoors, these ants nest under structures like logs and paving stones. They’ll build in wall cavities, electrical boxes, and roof voids when they come into your home.

Coastal Brown Ants are an invasive species that has become very successful in Australia. They like to build their colonies in disturbed soil. This includes places like gardens, under paving stones, and along the edges of sidewalks and walls.


Prevention Tips for Ants

What’s the best way to discourage ants from coming into your home? Close the restaurant.

  • Clean up food crumbs and spills as soon as you can.
  • Keep all stored food in tightly covered containers.
  • Wipe down sweets, such as jars of honey, before putting them away.
  • Keep pet bowls and the area around them clean.
  • Repair any plumbing leaks that may be leaving moisture in walls or on counters.


Control of Ants

Ant infestations are controlled with insecticides. If you just have a few ants scurrying across the kitchen countertop, you may want to try any of the sprays or baits that are commonly available.

If the ants have really gained a toehold, though, you’ll want professional action. A professional exterminator will choose the most effective insecticide for the type of ant that’s in your home. The treatment may also cover the yard for more lasting results.


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