Bed Bug Control

Preventing Bedbugs

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Bed bugs are common in Sydney. This has led to the Australian Environmental Pest Manager’s Association developing the Bed Bug Code of Practice to guide efforts to control these pests.

Types and Habits of Bed Bugs

The common bed bug and the tropical bed bug are the types you’re most likely to find in your home. They’re usually found in sleeping areas, but they will spread if the population is large.

These pests usually remain hidden during the day and emerge during the early morning hours. They depend on blood meals to complete their life cycles and reproduce.

Prevention Tips

If being chewed on by bugs when you’re sleeping doesn’t appeal to you, consider taking the following preventive steps.

  • Inspect your room for signs of bed bugs when you travel.
  • Check your luggage closely as you unpack when you return home from travel. Check it outside if this is feasible.
  • Avoid bringing secondhand upholstered furniture into your home.
  • Cover your mattress with a cover that is designed to be impermeable to bed bugs.

Removal & Control

Professional pest control experts may use chemical treatments, heat treatments, or both to eradicate bed bugs.

Chemical treatments are used on items or areas that can’t be easily heated. This includes walls, floors, and furniture.

Heat treatment may be used on items that can be put in containers and heated. This includes any personal property that can withstand heat, like books and clothing.

Unfortunately, some items may have to be discarded because they can’t be effectively treated, so be prepared for this.

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