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Just the sight of seeing little cockroaches can make your skin crawl.

Cockroaches are one of the most frustrating and difficult pests to control.

Their ability to hide places undisturbed, breed quickly, and contaminate food and belongings makes them a real problem for property owners.

Even worse, not all cockroach infestations are apparent. These bugs often hide in tight corners or burrow deep into walls until it’s too late.

It’s no wonder people turn to professional pest control companies when they need help.

We offer a range of effective cockroach control treatments. They are designed to work fast. Give long lasting results, and won’t break the bank. Sound good?

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The Problem with Cockroaches

When it comes to cockroach control, prevention is better than cure. These resilient insects can be tricky to get rid of entirely once they have become established in a home or office.

The most common sign of a cockroach invasion is spotting one of these little critters scurrying across our kitchen counters late at night or on floors and carpets. But this generally means that the problem is already severe and you have a cockroach infestation on your hands.

Common signs that you may have an infestation include fecal cockroach droppings (looks like smudges darker than your surfaces). Musty odors, and parchment-like shells near known hiding spots. Live sightings during the day or small eggs inside dark crevices around the home.

Our Professional Cockroach Control Service

Our team of experienced pest control experts knows how tough it is dealing with cockroach infestations. So we’ve developed specialised treatments perfect for targeting these stubborn pests.

Our Treatment

First things first: our experts will inspect your property to determine the extent of your infestation. This helps us pinpoint exactly where those pesky roaches are hiding out. Then comes our special blend of eco-friendly cockroach bait and chemicals designed specifically for cockroach elimination. No need to worry about harmful residues harming pets or kids! We also use cockroach traps for a safer treatment.

We follow up our chemical treatments with various methods tailored to target different species’ habits and biology. Such as gel bait applications in hard-to-reach areas (think tiny cracks or behind appliances). We also use integrated pest management. A combination different procedures such as physical controls and targeted applications using approved insecticdes either indoors or outdoors.

Throughout the whole process, we’ll keep you informed every step of the way. So you know exactly what’s happening in your home.

About Cockroaches

Cockroaches are common insects with over 4,000 known species worldwide (don’t worry – only a few of them typically invade human dwellings in Australia). They range in size from 4mm to 80mm in length, varying from reddish brown to yellow depending on their type, although all of them have wings and 6 legs.

They have flat bodies and long antennae, which help them navigate dark spaces. These crafty creatures can survive even the most extreme conditions. Some species can live without food for up to a month! This adaptability makes them one tough customer when it comes to pest control.

Generally they feed on starch sources like damp organic matter, sugar and foods left out, but tend to retreat even further when exposed to light or any negative stimuli. Breeding occurs indoors (commonly in dark moist areas such as drains toilets, behind wall cavities). With some species capable of laying up to 30 eggs per clutch.

Cockroaches eating food in kitchen

Common Species of Cockroach: Know Thy Enemy

We usually deal with a handful of common household cockroach species in Sydney. Each with its own appearance and quirky habits:

American Cockroaches

Large (20-45 mm). Large in size and reddish-brown in color, these critters love hiding in sewer systems and basements.

German Cockroaches

Very small (10-15mm). Smaller than American cockroaches, they’re light brown with distinct dark stripes on their back. These troublemakers breed at an alarming rate.

Oriental Cockroaches

Large (22-30mm). Shiny black or dark brown, they prefer cool damp environments like drains and crawlspaces.

Brown-Banded Cockroaches

Small (10-15mm). As their name suggests, these pests have yellow-brown bands across their body and tend to hide higher up inside cabinets or furniture.

Smoky Brown Cockroaches

These dark brown, almost black roaches are usually found in warmer climates. They’re attracted to light and commonly invade homes through attics or roof vents.

Australian Cockroaches

Similar in appearance to American species, but smaller in size. These pests have distinctive yellow markings on their head and wings. Despite their name, they’re not native to Australia, and they love warm environments like kitchens and bathrooms.

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Furthermore as an eco-friendly pest control company, you can rest assured that our treatments are safe for your family (including pets & children) without compromising on efficiency.

With a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee and a wide range of treatments & methods available, we are one of the best choices for Cockroach eradication!


Why are German Cockroaches so hard to get rid of?

German cockroaches are notoriously difficult to eliminate due to their impenetrable shells, rapid growth cycles and adaptability. These resilient insects are able to develop resistances against a wide array of treatments over time. Making it almost impossible for them to completely disappear from your house using conventional DIY techniques. We recommend using a experienced pest controller for fast results. Professional techniques are usually always needed to effectively address German cockroach infestations.

How can I prevent Cockroaches in our home?

The key to cockroach prevention is understanding the causes that attract them. Keeping food sources away such as pet food bowls or crumbs on the countertop is essential. Even the smallest spills or scraps and dishes should be cleaned up regularly. Furthermore you should check your plumbing for any leaks as they are attracted to moisture. Plus reduce humidity levels with ventilation if possible.

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