Covid Disinfection

Treatments for Disinfected and Virus-Free Properties

Following the Covid19 pandemic, there is a need, now more than ever, to carry out disinfection and deep cleaning in all areas where we spend our time.

This virus spreads easily and quickly. It is, therefore, your responsibility to ensure that you observe the necessary precautions. Whether it is at home, or in your workplace, disinfection will help curb the spread of the virus. 

To have effective large-scale disinfection done, you must seek our help as trained infection control experts. This way, you can rest assured of our ability and expertise to perform Covid19 disinfection. We are able to deliver tailored services to your home, school, and workplace. 

Benefits of Covid disinfection

  1. Disinfection will break the cycle of transmission. This virus persists on any surface around you.  It is thus important to disinfect all surfaces around you. 
  2. The virus has a weak coating. Sanitizing and spraying disinfectants on surfaces will ensure that the virus is denatured easily.
  3. Disinfecting helps to keep surfaces generally clean even from other bacteria and viruses. 

Where to disinfect

High contact surfaces

Whether it is at home, school, gyms, or workplaces, it is important to disinfect surfaces that we touch regularly. We cannot avoid contact completely so it is better to treat surfaces that we come in contact with. Routine disinfection is required for the following surfaces;

  • Tables
  • Doorknobs
  • Keyboards
  • Light switches
  • Touch screens


With the array of disinfectants found in the market, it can be agonizing to choose the right one. Consider the safety of the users, the effectiveness, and the area of application. The same disinfectant that you use for surfaces may not be appropriate for hand sanitization.

Most surface disinfectants contain bleach and acids. These are applied while wearing protective gear. They have the shortest contact time and handling them directly could cause skin irritations.

Alcohol disinfectants must contain high levels of alcohol for them to be effective. Alcohol is flammable, so users must be careful when handling such disinfectants. 

Disinfectants are more effective when applied with a clean cloth or sponge or with aerosol spray cleaners. Effective use of disinfectants significantly reduces the risk of exposure to Covid. 

Methods of disinfection

1. Directed mist application

The disinfectant is applied in form of fine, misted droplets on all appropriate surfaces. This method is very effective for large-scale use. The droplets spread across a wide area. The disinfectant also evaporates quickly so you don’t have to worry about wet surfaces.

2. Fogging Application

In this method, fogging equipment such as thermal foggers and nano mist guns are used to disinfect surfaces using gases. This method is less effective but still preferred. This is because you don’t have to stay away from the disinfected areas for long. Re-entry can be instant. 


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Covid disinfection is necessary for countering the spread of the virus. It will help to keep surfaces generally clean while protecting the health of the users. Small-scale disinfection can be done personally. However, you will need to consult professional disinfection technicians if you would like to disinfect large areas such as businesses, schools, playgrounds, gyms, and large properties. Get in touch with us for all your Covid disinfection needs.

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