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We all love our pets and hate to see them suffer. If you notice them scratching and itching your cat or dog may have a flea problem. You need effective Sydney flea control to kill the fleas. Fleas are commonly found on your pets. They are parasites and feed from their hosts. The adult fleas can be found on the back, neck and underside of cats and dogs. Their eggs, larvae and pupae live off the host. So if you have a cat or dog living in your house, it’s important to get them treated.

Pro Pest Control Sydney offers flea treatment services to all types of properties. If you have pets, you’ve probably experimented withover the counter flea treatments. As they can transmit diseases  it’s important to eradicate them using an affordable flea pest control service.

These insects suck blood and they’re among the most prominent pests in the world. If you can’t remove fleas yourself, hire a flea pest control company in Sydney to do it for you.

We offer pest control in sydney for residential homeowners and commercial businesses trying to get rid of fleas.

About Fleas

Fleas are small, wingless insects and are approximately 2.5mm long. There are four stages flea life cycle which are egg, larva, pupa and adult. Fleas and ticks flourish in warm climates with higher temperatures. This is their preferred environment for breeding and laying eggs. Visually identifying a flea is hard due to their size and colour of their bodies. For this reason they often go unnoticed. Their size also allows them to very easily move through hair, including your pets fur.

How We Treat Fleas

An effective flea control strategy works to break flea life-cycle by eliminating not only the adult fleas, but by killing the flea eggs and larvae. The home should be treated to kill fleas in all stages. It is important to consult with your vet to determine which flea products is best for your pet.

1. Inspection – This involves carrying out a flea pest control inspection of your property. We’ll inspect all internal and external areas of the building. This includes inspecting your pets for signs of infestation.

2. Treatment – The objective is to break the flea life cycle to get rid of all fleas from your home. We can then successfully eradicate their presence completely. We use a growth regulator to disrupt the development of flea eggs and larvae. We also use formulations of microencapsulated pyrethrum insecticides and adulticides. The adulticide spraying application is also used as part of our mosquito control program.Our trained technicians use the best treatments which kills the adult fleas and the pupae. We recommend not to enter the rooms where treatment has been appliced. We also request you vacate the premises for 4 hours hours after the treatment. For bad infestations a follow up treatment may be required.

3. Prevention – Thoroughly vacuum and wash all bedding with hot water. Treat your pets monthly with products like like Nexgard. Consult your vet and talk to a qualified veterinarian for their recommendation on flea tablets and chewables for your pet.

The Most Common Flea Species

Different Types of Fleas

Cat Flea (Ctenocephalides felis)

Dog Flea (Ctenocephalides canis)

Human flea (Pulex irritans)

They spread fast so its important to get a trained flea control professional to treat the problem.

The Dangers of Fleas

Te scary thing about fleas is they feed on the blood of their hosts.

Despite their propensity to feed on blood, fleas aren’t known to harbor any illnesses or diseases. They don’t transmit anything that is an immediate danger. However, human fleas have been known to transmit parasites like typhus and tapeworm. Fleas can also cause severe itching – which can lead to an infection or an illness.

Fleas can also worsen respiratory illnesses like asthma, and their saliva can cause allergic reactions in pets.

Tapeworm infestation can occur after a pets inadvertently ingests a tapeworm infected flea.

Signs of a Flea Infestation

  • Flea dirt – looks similar to coarse pepper
  • Your cats and dogs excessively scratching themselves
  • Flea Bites – A bite can cause red marks that are itchy
  • Sighting Flea Eggs – Exterminate them before the hatch
  • Flea Saliva

Flea Pest Control Tips

Eliminating Fleas With Flea Pest Control Treatment Tips

  • Use A Flea Spray to stop the development of flea eggs hatching
  • Treat your cats and dogs with a flea collar
  • Vacuuming Regularly – Seal Vacuum Bags after cleaning
  • Wash Bedding and Toys in Hot Water
  • Run a flea comb along your pet before bringing them inside
  • Cleanliness is important – Thoroughly Check and Clean Pet Bedding
  • Hire a professional flea pest control company to exterminate them


Treatment in Sydney costs between $99 and $250 per visit.

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Our wonderful licensed pest control professional was a kind and courteous gentleman and a pleasure to deal with. They effectively treated our pest problem. Fantastic service so i have no hesitation to recommend this exemplary service. Extremely impressed.

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Qualified and experienced exterminators with professionalism and great communication skills. Highly recommended exterminator. Excellent job we’re very happy thanks


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