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Do you need flea control for your home? Pro Pest Control Sydney offers flea treatment services to all types of properties. If you have pets, you have probably had fleas. They’re a nuisance, but they can also transmit diseases, so it’s important to eradicate them when they infest your home.

These insects suck blood and they’re among the most prominent pests in the world. If you can’t remove the problem yourself hire a flea pest control company to do it for you.

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What are Fleas?

Fleas are incredibly tiny bugs that barely grow larger than the tip of a fancy pen. They tend to look black or brown in color, and they don’t actually have wings. Contrary to what many people believe, they don’t fly – they just get by through jumping and hopping.

Fleas have thin, flat bodies as well as hard shells. This means that they can be quite difficult to kill. The fact that they also move in swarms means that they can be even more tricky to control.

Another critical fact about fleas is that they reproduce quite quickly. This means that they can be really difficult to control – especially if you have pets. Even if you don’t have dogs or other pets, they can still survice in your yard.

The Different Types

Different Types of Fleas

Cat Flea (Ctenocephalides felis)

This is the most common of all domestic fleas. Most popular in North America, these fleas can be found on both cats and dogs – despite their name. In some instances, they could latch on to humans as well.

Cat fleas measure between 1mm and 3mm. They are usually reddish-brown, and they’re wingless with flat bodies and strong hind legs.

While they don’t live so long, cat fleas reproduce quite quickly. Adult cat fleas can lay up to one egg every hour. The eggs measure about 0.5mm, and they’re white and oval. They move around easily, and they eventually turn into larvae after a few hours.

Dog Fleas (Ctenocephalides canis)

While it is named after the dog, a dog flea doesn’t necessarily choose which host it latches on to. These fleas suck blood from just about any animal – even rats. Like cat fleas, these are common in different parts of the world.

Dog fleas look very identical to cat fleas. They measure about 2mm in length, and they also come with wingless, reddish-brown bodies. The primary difference is that dog fleas have more rounded heads than cat fleas.

These adult fleas can also reproduce throughout their lifetimes. But, they only live between two to four weeks. Dog fleas lay eggs on the fur of their host, with the eggs being oval and white and measuring about 0.5mm.

Human fleas (Pulex irritans)

Human fleas have their eyes set on blogger hosts – like humans and some other larger animals. They cause significant itches to anyone who encounters them, and they’re quite irritating too. Some of them have strong bites, so you want to be careful about them.

Like many other flea species, they are reddish-brown and wingless. They have laterally flat bodies, and they can grow as long as 4mm. This is no surprise since they focus more on humans than smaller animals.

This species breed best in areas with excess debris and manure. They lay eggs throughout the year, and the eggs tend to hatch within a week. Compared to cat and dog flea species, they can live for up to two years.

Other Flea Species

  • Human Flea
  • Adult Flea
  • Rat Flea

Fleas spread fast so its important to get a trained flea control professional to treat the problem.

The Dangers of Fleas

When it comes to dangers, fleas are quite peculiar. They feed on the blood of their hosts, and they can attach themselves pretty strongly to the host’s skin as well.

Despite their propensity to feed on blood, fleas aren’t known to harbor any illnesses or diseases. They don’t transmit anything that is an immediate danger. However, human fleas have been known to transmit parasites like typhus and tapeworm. Fleas can also cause severe itching – which can lead to an infection or an illness.

Fleas can also worsen respiratory illnesses like asthma, and their saliva can cause allergic reactions in pets.

Signs of a Flea Infestation

  • Dot-like insects on your body – or the body of your pet
  • Excessive and aggressive itching and licking from your pet
  • Fleas hopping on your furniture, carpets, and upholstery
  • Flea Bites – A flea bite is red and itchy
  • Sighting Flea Eggs – Flea eggs hatch so its important to fill them
  • Flea Saliva
  • Check Pet Bedding – Tapeworm infestation

Flea Pest Control Tips

Flea Pest Control Tips

  • Trim your weeds and the grass outside your home.
  • Cut back on bushes and reduce possible hiding places
  • Don’t keep any yard debris around your home
  • Never leave pet food outside
  • Run a flea comb along your pet before bringing them inside


How do I know I have fleas?

You can spot a infestation in different ways. These include itching on your pets, red bite marks on your extremities, and even the fleas themselves.

How do fleas get into the house?

Usually, they enter your house through your pets.

Where do fleas lay their eggs?

They can lay eggs anywhere its warm and free from light.

Are fleas easy to eradicate?

Not quite. Fleas reproduce really fast, and their hard bodies make them a bit difficult to kil.

Can I get rid of fleas by cleaning my pet?

Not really. Once you get an infestation, you will need to clean your entire environment to effectively get rid of them.

How well do they reproduce?

An adult female flea should be able to lay up to 50 eggs a day.


Flea pest control treatment costs between $150 and $250.

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