Guide to Cockroach Control For Homeowners

Tips to Eliminate Cockroaches Around The House

Did you know that cockroaches can infest your home and make you sick? These microorganisms carry over 30 species of bacteria both in their cuticle and gut. Thus, these arthropods ferry are about salmonella and E.coli. However, the good news is that you can safely protect your home by following the right control methods.

Do you want to protect your home from cockroach infestation? Then follow these simple time-tested tips.

1. Identification Strategy

Try to identify the high infestation areas around your home. Keep in mind that cockroaches are usually very active at night. However, they may come out during the day, especially if your home has more dark and moist areas. Once you know where they breed and live it’s easier to search and destroy them.

You need to know which area of your home they could be hiding and proliferating. Among these areas are:

  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchen
  • Sink
  • Stove
  • Cabinets
  • Behind or under the fridge
  • Dishwasher
  • Microwave
  • Basement
  • Laundry room.

All these moist environments could be breeding places for cockroaches. Also, identify their feces and eggs. Then, dispose them properly.

2. Clean Your Dishes

Cockroaches have high sense of smell. Further research proves that they use their ‘noses’ to find food. If your sink is filled with dirty dishes, they will ‘feast’ on them. This is the reason why it is highly recommended to clean your dishes regularly. Also wipe down food from appliances and surfaces before going to bed at night.

3. Eat In the Kitchen or Dining Room

Eating in designated areas will help minimise food waste around the house. If you let family members eat in the loungeroom and bedrooms is harder to contain spilt food. Food particles left on the floor is a great breeding ground for little cockroaches.

4. Block Entry Points

Cockroaches are very smart; they can flatten and squeeze their bodies in gaps and cracks as minimal as three millimeters. Thus, blocking these crevices can prevent them from entering your home.

As a preventive measure, start with the gaps under the windows and doors that leads to outside. Ensure you cover plumping pipe openings and insulate your home.

5. Bait and Kill

Gel baits are safer and highly effective than sprays, because spraying may contaminate your home. You are advised to mix food attractant with toxic insecticide to kill cockroaches. When they eat the bait, they will crawl and die.

To achieve a faster result, make sure the bait is stationed in high traffic areas such as behind or under the fridge, near shelves or wood furnishings, sink, cabinets, stove, bathrooms and lots more. Baits, not only kill them, but also very effective in getting rid of their eggs. Try cockroach gels available online like these from Yates. Note we do not recommnend any specific products. Always do your own research.

6. Hire a Professional Pest Controller

The fastest way to get rid of cockroach in your home is by hiring a professional pest control service. This could be an individual or any company with a NSW pest control license. Besides, removing cockroaches from your home, they will also handle other pests issues including spiders, wasps, rodents, fleas, and termites.

They have the extensive training and experience to handle this issue in a professional manner. They know the right method, exact dosage to use, when, where and how to apply it for effective result.

More so, they use environmentally friendly or organic methods to successfully eliminate cockroaches from your home. This is a safer option for green homeowners or if any member of your family is allergic to insecticides.

Their tools and equipment will enable them to reach other areas your do-it-yourself method may not reach. This is the reason why their approach is quicker and much more efficient. As experts, they will locate all the hiding and breeding areas and eradiate them.

If you run a commercial business you should always hire a licensed and insured pest control company. To learn more about cockroaches in the food industry here is a useful PDF from the Georges River Council.

7. Sanitize non-food areas

It is important you sanitize non-food areas of your home at least every 2 to 3 days. This exercise contributes to your home sanitation and aids in eradicating cockroaches feces and egg sacs.

8. Vacuum Your Floors – Every Night

If you can practice cleaning your kitchen floor every night before going to bed, cockroaches will have nothing to eat when they come out at night. They will starve and eventually die.

9. Store Your Food in Sealed Containers

Storing your food in sealed containers will prevent cockroaches from having access to your home and infesting your food.

Final Thoughts

These pests, like humans, need food and shelter to survive. If you take these away  from them. They would undoubtedly leave your house after that. So remember to keep your house clean and store your food properly. If you would like to hire a professional exterminator visit and simply fill in your details for a free quote.