Average Pest Control Costs

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Pest Control Cost

Perhaps you have noticed a bunch of pests in your home or you are experiencing a severe invasion of pests. While most people go for the simple DIY methods, calling a pest control professional is more advantageous and relevant. Pests can be a thorn in the flesh, especially if they invade your home without detection. 

When pest control requires time and patience, the desired results are eventually achieved with the right method. If you are experiencing trouble with these unwanted guests, the desire of hiring a pest control expert must have stirred your mind. At this point, you need to calculate the cost of the entire process.

There is no definite answer as to how much you can use for pest control. Below are the factors that determine the expenditure of the pest control process;

Average Pest Control Costs

5 factors that determine the cost of pest control

1. The type of pest you want to eliminate

To determine the cost a pest control procedure, it’s important to know the type of pest in your home. For instance, a raccoon of bats may invade your home. To remove them, you a safe and efficient strategy. 

As pest control professionals, we can help you to physically get rid of the bats at a cost of around $400 to $600. To prevent future infestation of bats, we’ll also identify the access points and advice on how to close them and keep the pests at bay. Other types of pests like rodents, termites will cost you around $300 to $800. Termites being the most expensive pests to deal with.

2. The level of infestation

A professional pest controller has to conduct a thorough inspection of the entire house to determine the level of infestation. If your house is already infested, the more the pests, the higher the cost of pest control.

If there are no pests in your property, you will only pay for inspection and preventive measures. Contracting one firm to carry out the pest control plans for you is more reasonable. You can agree on the inspection and retreatment plans to keep your home pest free.

3. The size of your property

The size of your home and the number of rooms present are great determinants of the cost of a pest control procedure. Depending on the expert you hire, the cost for a single room may range between $150 and $350. So, the bigger the property, the higher the cost. 

4. Type of treatment required

The type of treatment used is a great determinant of the cost incurred in a pest control process. While it all begins at removing the things that attract the pest in your home, there are different treatment methods that can be used. 

Depending on the magnitude of manifestation and the type of pest involved, a pest control expert may advise on either of the following methods;

  • Hygienic- This method involves removal of pest that thrive due to availability of favourable conditions. Small pest like ants and tiny insects thrive where there is availability of food crumbs and water. This requires you get rid of any moisture, food debris and ensure that you cover your food in sealed containers. 
  • Biological- This method is mostly appropriate for outdoor pests. For instance, you can introduce lady beetles around plants where aphids have infested. The lady beetles are aphid predators and will minimize the invasion. This is a non-chemical method and costs almost nothing. 
  • Chemical- This is the most common pest control method.  It’s practised in different ways such as spray, powder or bait form. Although, you may need to stay away from home for some hours after their application, the chemicals are less harmful to humans and pets but are deadly to pests. A chemical pest control method costs around $250 and $1000 for each room treated.


5. Indoor or outdoor

When it comes to pest control, most people only think of the indoor ones. Outdoor pests like skunks, foxes, groundhogs, coyotes, and moles can make your outside environment unsafe and undesirable. When dealing with these pests, experts most likely set up live traps or direct the pests to relocate in another habitat.

While this method is the most reliable for exemption of outdoor pests, it can be limited by the local rules guiding relocation or trapping policies. These method costs between $350 and $700 depending on the type of pest, size of environment and frequency of the treatment.

6. Number of treatments needed

Some extermination needs require a one-time procedure while others require long-term plan to completely get rid of pest. In the assessment period, the pest control expert can advise on either of the following extermination plan;

One-time procedure

While this can be a cheaper procedure, the total cost incurred can be above average. The cost covers the assessment, tracking down the access points and the nests, application of the treatment and identification treatment method. A single visit ranges from $300 to $550 when you hire a professional. Although this will depend with the firm you work with. 

First visit- For treatment that requires a long-term plan, a first visit is crucial for laying out the entire treatment procedure. During this first visit, the expert inspects your home, identifies the access points and nests and designs the treatment procedure. The first visit will cost the home owner around $150 to $300. The pest control professional applies the first treatment to identified areas.

Monthly visit

Monthly treatments are necessary for homes that had a previous infestation treated. Families living apartments with shared structure should also invest in a monthly inspection and treatment of pests around their home. These visits will cost between and average of $40 and $70 per month and plays a huge role in keeping pests from inhabiting your space.

Quarterly visit

This treatment is necessary for places that experience seasonal infestation or as a defensive measure to prevent infestation of a treated area. His treatment is mostly preferred and costs around $100 and $300 for each visit. You can however pay less if you make a single payment for yearly treatment under the same plan.

Annual visit

Annual treatment plan is best for homes that do not experience severe pest invasion. Depending on the type of inspection and the region you reside in, the procedure may cost you between $300 and $550.

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Pests are not pleasing to have around. These unwanted intruders need to be handled in the most aggressive strategy to ensure they never rest in your home. If left untreated, they will multiply to high numbers resulting in an uncontrollable invasion.

To cut the cost of pest control, ensure that you maintain an unattractive environment for pest and adapt to a routine check-up for your home. With this done right, you will never have to worry about the high cost of pest control.