How Often Should You Pest Control Your Home?

Pest Control Your Home

Prevention is always better than a cure. This is a saying that is used in the medical community; however, it can also be used in this particular situation. The best way to keep pests out of your house is not to catch them while they are in the house but to prevent them from even getting in.

This article will explain how often you should pest control your home and what steps you can make to have a pest-free home.

Identify the Pests Who Want to Move In (Rats, Roaches, Insects)

It is a good idea to know exactly what type of pest roam around your vicinity. Is their great deal of home renovation being done across the street? If so, know that mice and rodents will be more prominent in homes, as their homes are being disturbed. Our friends at Guard Pest Control helped us with some expert advice for this article. They are known as the home pest control experts so please feel free to drop by and say we sent you.

Do you have pets?

If so, do they play outside all day?

If they do, what steps are you taking to assure they are dragging ticks and other small insects into your home.

As mentioned in the intro, prevention is always better than a cure.

How Often Should You Use Pest Prevention Services?

Most professionals will tell you that you will want to pest control your home every month (once a month). Now the reason that you will want to do this is that the pest control treatment usually lasts up to two months.

This gives you an adequate amount of time to see which pesticide is working and which isn’t. If you are getting pest in your home a month BEFORE the treatment is supposed to wear off, then you know that the treatment isn’t working and that you may need something strong or more effective.

What Action You Can Do To Prevent Future Invasion?

There are several things that you can do yourself to prevent pest from entering into your home and abode. However, the things we will list below should work in UNISON with the pest control. Nothing beats the professionals. Understand that pest, critters, and insects come for three things.

Pest Control Professional

Which are:

  • Food
  • Shelter
  • Water


Clean Up Your Act

It is important to NOT keep food out at night. If you are leaving food on your kitchen counter, your stovetops, or even your kitchen table, this is basically luring pests to a free meal. And because most pests come out at night, them entering into all your food that is sitting out can be considered their little FREE banquet.

What you will want to do is wrap, bottle, and refrigerate all the foods and meals that you have finished eating on that given day.

Use the Right Cleaning Products

Bleach! This is a POWERFUL AGENT that can keep many pests away from your home. Bleach is such a useful product as it kills everything in its vicinity. Because most bugs breathe through their skin (they have exoskeletons) when they come into contact with bleach, it literally eats away at the from the outside. Merely coming into contact with them will kill them.

Essential Oils

This is more of an esoteric method to keep pest out, but certain essential oil repels pest. Such as tea tree oil, which is excellent for keeping rodents out of your house. Lavender, which is great for repelling bugs and critters.

And cedar is great for keeping certain dog breeds from entering int your lawn and leaving crayon pests that your dog or yard may not have.

The Biggest Problem

Pests are unpredictable. These creatures, especially roaches, can survive in almost any condition, and they can breed at a rapid pace. This is more the reason to set up as many barriers as possible. Hiring a pest control company every month can be quite beneficial for you. And taking the steps that we have listed above will also be very beneficial in keeping the pest out.

Pest Prevention

Final Words on Pest Prevention

It is no fun having pests run around your home and reek hack on your furniture, carpet, and food stock. We highly recommend that if you cannot at least have a pest control team coming out every month, that you will want to do every two months at least.

By implementing the tips we have listed above with hiring a pest control team, you can rest assured that the amount of rest that you not in your home will not be as noticeable, had you NOT implemented these hacks.