Pest Control Chemicals Explained

A Guide To The Most Commonly Used Pesticides

Pest Control Chemicals

Pests can be very annoying and bothersome. We have all been pestered by pests in our daily lives, be it cockroaches in the kitchen, termites in the store or rodents devouring paperwork in the office.

As pests mutate and get more resistant with time, we also need to up our game in the pest control industry. One of the most effective methods of pest control is by use of chemicals.

These chemicals can often be harmful to the environment or the user, so take proper care when handling them.

Examples of pest control chemicals include Termidor, Biflex and Maxforce gels. This guide gives you an insight into different pest control chemicals, how to use them, and precautions to take when using them.


Termidor is a low toxicity pest control product that kills Termites, ants and a variety of other pests. It is usually mixed with water and then applied to cracks in walls, soil, building areas and other places where termites and ants tend to hide. Termidor is not meant to be used indoors but can be used around the house as a slab injection, on poles and wooden structures for dry wood termite control. This is because termites predominantly feed on wood.

The active ingredient in Termidor is fipronil, which has been shown to last more than 14 years in termite control. Termidor is special in its own way. After exposure, it infects termites and ants immediately and they gradually start dying.

For pests that interact numerously, like ants and termites, it is easier to wipe out entire colonies and nests. This is because termites interact with each other when grooming and during the entire feeding process. With only one or two applications, Termidor will completely wipe out termites. This makes it easier, cost-efficient, and saves materials. Learn further here about this pesticide.


Fipforce is a lightweight dust insecticide used to control Termites and ants which can prove to be such a nuisance. It also consists of Fipronil as the active ingredient.

Fipronil is effective in that you can use it in very small amounts to wipe out large colonies of ants and Termites. Mix Fipforce with water and then spray in places where you notice ant and termite activity. It does not become non-repellant until the liquid dries off and the Fipronil bonds with the soil.

When using Fipforce, it is highly advisable to wear protective clothing as it could cause eye and skin irritation. Wash hands properly after use to avoid poisoning. When treating, all pets and people without protective gear should keep off from the area being treated. When spraying outside do not spray directly at edible plants. Some ant colonies are often situated deep under the soil but when one ant comes to the surface and picks up soil from the treated zone, it takes it to the nest, ultimately causing the collapse of an entire colony.

Fipforce is definitely worth the effort and money because of its easy application and results achievement.


Biflex is a liquid synthetic pyrethroid extracted from the pyrethrum daisy.

Bifenthrin, the active ingredient in Biflex, is used extensively to protect the wood from wood damaging insects like Termites and Borers. You can also use it to effectively eliminate other pests such as cockroaches, ants, and spiders.

You can use it for for indoor or outdoor purposes. To apply, mix 2ml of the solution with every litre of water or preferably kerosene. Spray on wooden surfaces around the house.

Biflex interferes with the ability of the insects’ nerve cells to send normal signals. It jams the tiny gates in the system that receive all sorts of actions from the nerve system. This leaves the termites paralyzed and eventually leads to death.

It is ideal for long term pre-construction and post-construction termites control. It lasts for ten years when applied at maximum strength. When exposed to water, especially when used in the open, it can reduce its longevity to six years.

Biflex is extremely safe but you should use it according to the label. It causes a slight tingling sensation when it comes in contact with the skin but it is completely non-toxic.

Safety usage of pest chemicals


Looking for a permanent solution for your persistent bedbug and spider problem, look no more. Temprid is an excellent choice when dealing with these pests in a home setup.

It has two active ingredients, Imidacloprid and cyfluthrin. These ingredients used together have a knockdown effect and a long residual control for spiders, bedbugs, and even scorpions. To get a powerful contiguous barrier against pests, spray around the foundation of the house, spraying directly on the ground. It is perfect to use for residential and commercial premises.

Temprid residual can last for up to six months if left undisturbed. Follow directions on the product label well. When using, only the applicator should be present and is supposed to leave soon afterwards. It is safe to return once the surfaces are dry and the area of application is well ventilated.

What more could you ask for in a bid to get rid of pests, this is a lethal product to a variety of pests in and out of a premise, not to mention how cost-efficient it is.


Seclira is an odourless, non-staining and broad-spectrum pest control chemical. It is ready to use and can be used for outdoor and indoor purposes. It gets rid of ants, cockroaches, wasps and other crawling pests in premises. Over the years, different pests have built a resistance to many chemicals but not with Seclira. It’s the perfect tool for resistance management.

The active ingredient in Seclira is dinotefuran. This ingredient is well-known for killing a wide variety of pests in leafy vegetables. You can also use it in commercial and residential premises. For efficiency, spray the chemical with actuator and injection tubes. These are usually provided in the purchased package. Hold the container upright when spraying. Seclira kills pests on contact, as well as providing residual control.

Seclira is safer than most chemical pest control products. It is not toxic to people or pets. That’s why it it used in leafy vegetables. The active ingredient remains powerful for 3-5 months after use, even when exposed to water.

If you want a fast-killing and safe pest control chemical, Seclira is the best choice.

Maxforce Gel

Do you have a colony of Cockroaches terrorizing your premises? Maxforce Gel is the most effective roach control chemical for both indoor and outdoor use. You can place in places where you have noticed numerous roach activities. You can apply Maxforce gel in spots or as beads in crevices and cracks on the wall. Cockroaches tend to hide and seek food in those areas.

Maxforce gel is irresistible to normal, aberrant-feeding cockroaches. The active ingredient in Maxforce is Fipronil. Once the cockroach consumes the gel, it dies off within a short time. For an older, more developed cockroach, it lives long enough to return to the breeding ground. The faeces of the affected roaches also affect other roaches when they consume them. This can be an effective way since it terminates entire nests within a short time.

Maxforce is non-toxic and safe for you and your pets when you apply as directed. One application can last up to a year if you apply it in small bits rather than large, less frequent placements. This is the best way to eliminate large populations of roaches in minimum time.

Ditrac Rodent Baits

Rodents can be very hazardous, especially where foodstuffs are concerned. They dine without invitation. It is always wise to take considerable control measures when dealing with them.

Brodifacoum is the powerful active ingredient that makes up Ditrac rodenticide. It’s the strongest rodenticide in the market today. It deals with all rodents effectively but works particularly well to clean out persistent mouse infestations.

It has a distinctive cog-like shape. It’s made up of an excess of 16 inert ingredients. These ingredients create a flavour that rats and mice can hardly resist. Ditrac also has multiple edges, utterly appealing to rodents’ desire to nibble. The bait is small so it can easily fit in baiting places. From only a single feed, a rodent consumes a lethal amount of Brodifacoum, this will trigger a countdown of 3-5 days after which the rodent will die.

Ditrac rodent bait is not harmful to the skin but it is generally advisable to wear gloves when contact with chemicals is likely. It’s toxic to pets and other domestic animals at home. Ditrac can also poison dogs and cats if they feed on rodents that have consumed the bait.

Chemicals used for rodent baits


Altriset is a new low-risk termiticide for controlling the infestation of subterranean termites effectively while having minimal side effects on the environment. It has an active period of three months,. Within that period, you will completely wipe out termites from your home and business premises.

It has an active ingredient called Chlorantraniliprole. Its mode of action is unique. Unlike most active ingredients in other chemicals which target the nervous system, Chlorantraniliprole targets termite muscles. Once termites come into contact with Altriset, their jaw muscles lock. This reduces their ability to feed resulting in death.

It’s best to wipe out termite colonies effectively with Altriset. The Altriset effect is gradually passed throughout the colony immediately an affected termite comes into contact with another one that is not affected. Its residual performance is surprisingly high as it can go up to 9 years after the first application.

Altriset is less harmful to the skin and is not as toxic as other chemicals. However, that should not deter you from wearing protective gear when contact with Altriset is necessary.

Bayer Premise

Bayer premise is another in the long list of termiticides. Use it mostly in pre-construction and post-construction termite control due to its long-lasting effect. Its active ingredient is Imidacloprid, developed with unique Chemistry. It is applied to the soil to get rid of termites and prevent them from reaching the wood inside the premises.

2 ml of the premise formula mixed in one litre of water will be enough to use on a wide area of land during pre-construction anti-termite treatment. Premise does not kill termites instantly. This allows exposure of more termites to the chemical hence better control. Exposed termites transfer the toxicant to their mates in the colonies, this will cause indirect mortality and lead to the eventual wipeout of an entire colony within no time.

Once in the ground, the treatment will last for 5-7 years depending on the type of soil. During treatment, wear protective clothing to prevent direct contact with skin and eyes. Avoid inhaling spray mist directly and do not swallow.

Premise is very toxic to people and animals but if you are looking for an effective termite control chemical, then it is among the best


Warfarin is also known as ‘blood thinner’. It is among the first anticoagulants to be discovered. Upon its introduction in the 1950s, it revolutionised rodent control.

Warfarin kills some rats after one feeding but most of them die after multiple feedings. Even the most resistant rodents can find themselves in trouble if they consume Warfarin. One dose of warfarin, however small it is, can cause the elimination of an entire rodent colony. It kills by forming blood clots inside blood vessels. This cuts of supply of food and oxygen to important parts of the body and thus suffocation.

Companies have developed various versions of warfarin over the years as rats continue to build resistance towards existing versions. Warfarin is not toxic to humans and animals unless you consume in large quantities.

Choosing the right chemical to control pests in your home can be such a hideous task. Choosing according to the type of pest, durability, effectiveness and method of use can be time-consuming but in the end it is always worth the time and effort. Here’s an updated list of approved pesticides in NSW.

Some chemicals require the help of a professional when using them. Just follow the instructions that they come with others. All in all, the aim is to control pests and make life comfortable on different premises.