Pest Control Licenses in New South Wales

How To Get A Pest Control License?

How to become a licensed pest exterminator in NSW?

You have decided to start your own pest control business in New South Wales. And on your way to pest control and of course, earning yourself some good money, you need to achieve legal compliance. So for your business to run by the set legal protocols, you first have to be licensed. And a license is the only way to obtain legal recognition ad certification that deems you fit to undertake a particular business activity.

Therefore, a license not only serves as a way to get insurance and as a requirement for the government regulations, but also as a way of building trust with your clients. And every individual pest control technician and even companies in New South Wales must have a license. So the licenses are given by the New South Wales Environment and Protection Authority (EPA). There are certain qualifications before one can be recognized and licensed as a pest control expert in New South Wales.

This article gives an insight into the various licenses, qualifications and the process of getting the licenses.

1. Pest Management Technician License

This license is compulsory for an individual or firm that intends to undertake pest management work in New South Wales.

Pest management is the use of pesticides for the control, prevention and eradication of pests. So you apply it as a single license. And they do not require you to disclose if you intend to use pesticides for agricultural or horticultural purposes. However, only individuals and firms interested in using pest control services as a source of income are required to hold the license.


There are certain conditions that you must fulfil to obtain this license. So to be eligible for this license you must:

  1. Be 18 years or older and provide evidence, preferably identifiction, to back up your age. 18 years is the legal age for one to be able to register a business in New South Wales and Australia.
  2. Also, they must consider you a fit potential holder of the license. Sometimes even your health records can hold you back from getting licensed. Some chemicals used in the field may not go well with your body if you intend to use them yourself. EPA not only cares about the environment but also about the people’s health.
  3. Provide proof that you have attained the relevant qualifications. To become a pest management technician in New South Wales, you must be trained in the field. Lack of proper training and skills in the field can be deadly as it involves the use of harmful chemicals.
  4. Hold an insurance policy or be in a position to attain one. The NSW government cares about your property, you would not want to pay for damage expenses personally. You need to insure your business. Furthermore, your clients have to know that their property is in safe hands.


In New south wales, a pest management technician license serves for a maximum of five years, after which it has to be renewed.


Applications for this license can cost up to $405.


The best way to acquire a pest management license in NSW is to apply online at econnect EPA. And after successful application, they will send your license to you and you can print it.

Types of pest control licenses in NSW

2. Fumigator License

A fumigator license is necessary when you are considering using fumigation as a pest control method. Consequently, this involves the use of any fumigants to prevent, control, and eradicate pests in any setup.

The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) requires the attainment of this license to use products containing certain chemicals. And these chemicals include; Ethyl formate, Dazomet, and metham sodium among others. EPA deems these chemicals harmful to the environment and must be used under regulation.


To obtain a fumigator license

  1. You must be 18 years and above.
  2. You must complete training that includes one of the following core competencies;
  • CPPUPM3011, Manage organisms by applying fumigants to commodities and environments
  • the superseded unit, CPPPMT3011, Manage organisms by applying fumigants to commodities and environments.
  • CPPPMT3006A Apply pesticides to manage pests, or CPPUPM3006 Manage pests by applying pesticides
  1. You must hold an insurance policy or be in a position to obtain it.


To apply for this license, visit econnect EPA. Provide the following:

  • Your personal and contact details
  • The name of your registered training organization.
  • A copy of your drivers’ license or passport
  • A passport size photo
  • A genuine payment method


A fumigator license costs $405 dollars. But, if you apply for this license together with a pest management technician license, they will consider each license as a single one and you have to pay for both.

3. Ground Applicator License

In New South Wales, you will require this license if you intend to undertake ground application work. So this involves the use of pesticides to control weeds and pests affecting plants and the soil. It does not involve the use of fumigants. Unlike the pest management technician license, it includes the use of pesticides for horticultural and agricultural purposes.

You do not require this license if you intend to do ground applicator work one-time on your own land or on land owned by a relative.

Requirements for acquiring a pest control license


To be eligible for this license you have to:

  1. Prove that you are 18 years or older by providing relevant documents as evidence.
  2. Provide proof that you have attained the relevant qualifications. Training certificates from a recognised organisation will do. Learn more about the different required trainings
  3. Submit the required form
  4. Pay any required fees.
  5. Hold an insurance policy or be eligible to obtain one.


This license does not apply to:

  1. Spraying of any plants that fall in the domestic use category
  2. Getting hired as an employee of local state authority.


Payable fees for this license are:

  •  $405 for a new application
  •  $25 for a replacement
  •  $405 for a renewal


EPA is commited to ensuring that all rules are followed to protect the environment when using pesticides. The licenses above are offered by EPA to ensure that all individuals and companies working in the pest control industry are licensed and qualified to serve.