10 Best Pest Control Tips – 2021 Update

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One mosquito bite can cause malaria or severe skin infection. Other pests like termites can even bring down your house completely. That’s how dangerous these pests can be in your house. That’s why you need the best pest control tips. 

Pest control or treatment isn’t an easy cheap process. Therefore, it is only wise to adopt preventative measures. Besides, prevention is better than cure. And in this article, we give you the best tips to keep these creepers away.

10 Best Pest Control Tips

Household Pest Control Tips

1. Ensure the garden is tidy 

A vast number of pests make their nests in untidy yards. Overgrown grass and shrubs greatly attract them. Such areas make great hideouts for pests. Trimming trees and grass regularly before becoming too bushy is a great routine to keep pests away

Piles of wood should be stored away from your homestead. Pests like termites are attracted to firewood leading them to your home. Also, irritating pests like rats and mice can easily get to your house through the r

oof using overgrown branches near your roof. Thus, ensure there are no trees near your house and if they exist ensure you trim them regularly.

2. Proper food and water handling 

Food should be stored properly. Ensure you seal containers with food. Never leave any fruit or vegetable for too long. Overripe fruits easily attract flies and other insects. Everybody likes free food, so are the pests. When you leave food uncovered, expect these uninvited guests.

When it comes to food disposal, make sure you do it correctly. Do not litter your home with leftovers. Make use of garbage bins and be sure to cover them or else flies make a feast in your house.

3. Proper waste disposal 

When dealing with any kind of waste, always ensure to dispose of it properly. Dirt can be the ultimate source of a number of pests. Food wastes such as meat rot so quickly especially during hot weather. Ensure to empty such garbage bin within 24 hours to avoid pests like ants and flies.

After disposing of any waste, close the garbage bin properly. Pests are so fast in detecting any available loophole. Leaving a garbage bin to overflow is so risky too. Make it mandatory to empty them often.

4. Ensure your recycle items are clean

Although many homeowners never use this advice, surely, they regret it later. There is no home for pests like a dirty recycle bin. Talk of mosquitos, flies, termites, mice and rats, they can comfortably conceal themselves as they closely get into your house

Before disposing o

f that metal, plastic and toys, ensure they are clean and dry. Rinse any dirt that might have been in contact with the item, dry it then dispose.

5. Avoid clutter

Apart from food, dirty and water, bear in mind that pests are also looking for comfy places to mate and raise their young ones. Unfortunately, if your home is messy and cluttered, prepare to receive the uninvited guests.

In your rooms; under the beds ensure it is not cluttered. Never store anything under the bed but in case you do, ensure it is properly sealed. Also, in your closets ensure the items are properly arranged. Any item stored in your house ensure it is sealed in a box or container.

6. Ensure your home is free from stagnant water

Stagnant waters are the best site for mosquitos to breed. Always check around your compound to ensure there is no stagnant water. This should be done regularly more especially after rains. Holes in the compound should be covered to avoid stagnant water.

In case your compound contains stored water in tanks, ensure they are closed to discourage mosquito breeding.

7. Keep your house clean

Above all, a clean house ge

nerally sends pests away. Ensure the whole house is cleaned regularly. However, you must keep close attention to the kitchen and yards because they are more prone to pests. Always ensure the house is free from soil debris, leftovers or dirty dishes.

In the yard always ensure the taps are tightly fixed to avoid stagnant water. Also, ensure to regularly check out for any sign of pest manifestation.

8. Seek help in case of infestation

When you notice that pests have infested your home, ensure to reach out to professionals. Do not try to control them by yourself because it may take longer and the results will not be positive.

Pest control companies have trained personnel who will completely clear the pests. The advantage is that some of these companies have long warrants so you can reach out in case they reoccur.

9. Secure possible entrances

Pests can easily get to your home if they find an entrance. Look out for possible entrances like cracks on the walls, holes on the floor and gaps in windows and doors. Make sure you seal such entrances and by doing so, you get rid of pests that might invade your home.

A very simple remedy to flying pests is the use of fly screens. If you do not have one, make a point of getting one to protect your family from pests.

10. Regular inspection of outdoor swings and furniture

Outdoor furniture and swings are easily infested with pests. This is because of exposure to extreme weather conditions. Rains can intensely destroy wood thus welcoming unpleasant pests like termites. Make a point of inspecting them regularly to control the pests. Repair them when necessary to avoid rotting. 

Pest Control Advice


As much as it is tough to completely eradicate pests, the above tips can help keep them under control. Pests are dangerous not only to your property but also to your health and that of your pets. Luckily, pests hate clean environments. Thus, keeping your compound clean will discourage pest infestation. Article published by Adam Love from www.propestcontrolsydney.com.au if you have any questions please let us know.

Always consider prevention methods rather than wait until it is too late. By doing so, you avoid the destruction of properties and scare to your health and that of pets.

Do you have your own tips or advice on pest control? Please comment below, thank you.