Retail Pest Control

Safeguarding Retail Shops From Pests

Retail Pest Control

In the retail business, first impressions matter a lot. It is essential to keep your retail store pest-free. Because of high foot traffic, retail stores are vulnerable to pests. Also, you receive product deliveries from different sources and you never know if they come harbouring pests.

Pests can have easy access to sources of food and shelter in your retail shop. This means they can breed easily and live comfortably.

In large shopping centres, it takes longer to notice signs of a infestation. If you haven’t done a thorough pest inspection of your shop, get in touch with our retail cest control team to arrange a free consultation. 

Our Process

1. Consultation

Give us a call if you are experiencing pest control problems. We’ll offer solutions or arrange for a retail pest control technician to visit your store.

2. Inspection

After our initial consult we schedule a time to come meet you. During the inspection, we’ll look for signs of an infestation.

We’ll also identify the various types of pests that are causing problems. After this, we’ll identify the right methods to use in your store. We can visit after hours to minimise disruption to your customers. 

3. Treatment

After identifying the pest problem and how to counter them, it’s time to eradicate them. We’ll evaluate all possible treatments and pick the best one. 

4. Prevention and Follow Up

You can schedule follow-up appointments. These are meant to ensure that the pest control methods employed were effective and you don’t need to worry about pests anymore. 

Retail store pest management

Common pests in retail shops


Rats and mice can be a major problem in retail stores. They can come in through cracks on the walls or even through the door.

The damage rodents can cause in your retail store overshadows the cost of preventing and eradicating them. 


Flies can multiply rapidly especially in warm humid conditions provided by retail stores. They’re notorious disease vectors, not to mention their unsightly appearance.

Food retail store owners, in particular, should seek pest control help once they notice even a single fly. 

Stored Product Pests

Stored product pests are pests that infest food in storage. Moths, weevils, and mites are good examples of such pests.

They could come into the store in delivered food products and can multiply over time if the products are not sold fast. They cause massive destruction to food and can be a health hazard. 


Ants are more of a nuisance pest than a food safety issue in retail stores. They easily find their way to food sources in buildings through the smallest gaps.

Ants can infest your store in search of food and breeding places. If you notice ant activity, it is only wise to consult with experienced technicians.

Benefits of pest control in retail stores

  1. In food retail stores, pests can destroy food. This can lead to massive losses since the food cannot be sold.
  2. Sightings of pests in your store may negatively influence your reputation. If products that you sell are found to harbour pests, it can result in loss of customers. It is therefore important to protect your reputation by controlling pests.
  3. Pests can also result in economic loss. You have to throw away products that are infested by pests and no refund is expected. Repairs done in the stores due to damage by pests can be costly. 
  4. Some pests transmit diseases. They can cause diseases to you, your staff, or even your customers.

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Pests in retail stores can cause a lot of damage. It is the responsibility of shop owners to make sure that pests are completely eliminated from the stores.

This will go a long way in ensuring that your business grows without complications. Get in touch with us for all your retail pest control needs.

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