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Rodent Control in Sydney

Suspect a problem with rats or mice? Our rodent treatments guarantee fast results to get rid of all rodent issues.

Have you been hearing strange noises in your roof? Perhaps some scratching sounds coming from inside the walls?

If you’re nodding your head right now, it’s most likely that you’ve got some unwanted rodent guests.

Rodents are a difficult problem to tackle and it can be hard to know where to turn for help.

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The Rodent Problem

Rats and mice are not just annoying. They also bring a whole host of problems into your home or business. They can spread diseases, cause property damage by gnawing through materials (even electrical wires!), and leave droppings everywhere. This can become a health risk. As it can leave behind an accumulation of bacteria which has been linked to allergies, asthma, flu-like symptoms as well as serious infectious diseases.

Plus, no one likes the idea of these guys scurrying around while we’re sleeping or eating.

Unfortunately, while these critters might look cute on your TV screen (or even as pets). But simply don’t belong running around your house or office.

Something needs to be done, right?

Types of Rodents

Our Professional Rodent Control Service

We provide a comprehensive rodent control service that eliminates infestations for good. Our qualified technicians use years of experience combined with modern treatments in order to quickly identify any problems caused by rodents. From where they’re coming from right through to how best deal with them. In addition, our technicians provide advice on how best you can protect yourself against future infestations too. For homeowners we offer residential pest control for houses and apartments. If you own a business, our commercial property rodent baiting gets fast results and removes all rodent infestations.

Our Treatment

Let us give you a quick rundown on how our rodent control treatment works:

  • Inspection – First off, our skilled technicians conduct thorough inspections to locate potential hiding spots and entry points for rodents.
  • Customised Plan – Based on their findings from the inspection stage; we’ll create a treatment plan tailored specifically for your situation.
  • Treatment: We use only safe yet powerful treatments such as rodent bait stations with rodenticides which target rats’ unique biology. They do not harm other animals or humans.

Depending on the situation, we may also use exclusion measures (such as repairs/modifications etc.) as well as trapping/removing issues pests using humane methods only.

About Rodents

Rodents form one of the largest native mammal groups in Australia and consist of four species: mice, rats, bandicoots/possums and dusky hopping mice. These creatures have adapted incredibly well to human environments due to their high fertility rate. Earning them the unofficial title “vermin” or pest species because some become very problematic if not controlled properly.

They’re stealthy little things during daylight hours. But love coming out at night. Thus eluding many would-be exterminators. This makes assistance from a professional pest control company paramount.

Common Species of Rodents

Lets take a look at what species we are dealing with in Sydney.

House Mouse

These small mice have large ears, small black eyes, and are usually light brown to dark grey in color. They like to live close to humans and can squeeze through incredibly tiny openings as small as 7mm! You’ll often find them nesting in walls or other hidden areas.

Norway Rat (Brown Rat)

Larger than house mice. These rats have a more robust build with blunt snouts and smaller ears. Their fur ranges from brown to grey with lighter bellies. They love scavenging for food near human populations while thriving in sewers, garbage piles, or basements.

Roof Rat (Black Rat)

As you might guess by their name, roof rats are agile climbers who like heights. With large ears and long tails compared to their body size, they look pretty similar to house mice but bigger. Keep an eye out for them in attic, roof voids or up on utility lines outside your home.

By knowing what type of rodents you’re dealing with helps ensure that our treatments will be effective against those particular invaders.

Small Mouse in House


How do you get rid of rats in Sydney?

You cna start by removing debris and woodpiles around the premises as these can provide harbour for pests. Laying rat bait or Traps around popular nesting spots or near plants/shrubs/trees where potential entry points may exist. Rat bait should be sprinkled in hard-to-reach areas where they may be hiding to ensure an effective treatment application.

How much is pest control for rodents?

The cost will depend on the size and severity of your infestation. Our prices start from $180 depending on how many bait stations you need.

Does DIY Rodent pest control work?

DIY methods may work in some cases for minor mice infestations. However, it is often not as effective or reliable as seeking professional help. Rats and mice reproduce rapidly; if not treated successfully initially their population may continue to grow without reduction.

What over the counter rodent control products can I buy?

Over-the-counter rodent control products include traps, rodenticides, ultrasonic repellents, and natural repellents. While these can be helpful for minor infestations, they may not effectively tackle larger issues or address underlying causes. You can purchase them from bunnings, local hardware or your nearest pest control supplies store.

What are common sign you need rat control?

Signs you need rat control include finding droppings, gnaw marks, hearing scratching noises at night, noticing a musty smell, discovering nesting materials or grease marks along walls, and sighting live or dead rats. Contact pest control professionals if these signs are present.

Rodent with closeup of face

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