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Rodent Control Sydney

Rodents are common in Sydney. If you have a problem you need professional rodent pest control control to remove the infestation.

Our trained technicians specialise in professional pest control services for all Sydney rats.

If you have a problem with rats and mice you need to hire expert rodent control in sydney. We provide the best rodent pest control service for residential and commercial property owners.

Pro Pest Control Sydney providea rat control services for residential and commercial properties.

Our professional and trained pest control team can also assist with rodent bait stations for complete rat removal.

How We Treat Rodents

We exterminate rodent infestations with the following treatment process.

1. Inspection

We inspect all accessible areas. This includes in roof voids, inside walls and crevices. Identifying the root cause of the rodent problem will allow our technicians to select the best pest control method to use.

2. Treatment

Our effective mice control uses baits and traps, rat bait formulations, tracking powder and even electronic rodent repellents. Careful execution is required to avoid hurting native wildlife. Rat and mouse baits will be placed in secure locations throughout your property. Rodent baiting in plastic traps has proven to be one of the best methods to kill rodent infestations. Sticky glue traps work well too but need regular monitoring.

3. Prevention

We treat rodents and other pests with quality techniques that work. To prevent rodents from breeding we recommend to clean your property regularly and remove all water and food source. Our professional and friendly pest control technicians will give a taloired solution for your home or commercial property.

Types of Rodent Species

Types of Rodents

The most popular rodent types in Sydney include the following.

House Mouse

House mice (mouse) are found pretty much everywhere in the world. This small mouse is around 7.5 to 10cm in length and the tail is approx 5-10cm. Their colour ranges from black to light brown and grey. They love to stay in dark and secluded areas – especially inside buildings and roof voids. They are great climbers, and they can jump up to a foot in height.

The house mouse is also known to fit through very small areas. Interestingly, they are color blind. But, they have incredibly sharp senses so they get around pretty easily.

Norway Rat

The Norway Rat is also known as the brown rat. Other names include common rat, street rat, sewer rat, wharf rat and hanover rat. It can grow up to 30 cm long including its tail. They are predominently grey or brown rat. They’re known to be nocturnal, and they tend to burrow into garbage piles underground. You will mostly find Norway rats in your house during Autumn months when food becomes scarce.

As you would expect, they are adept at chewing and gnawing. They also move together, so an infestation can quickly develop. Norway rats can fit into holes as small as half an inch, so you don’t want to leave any openings around these guys.

Roof Rat

While they are especially prominent in Southeast Asia, roof rats are also common everywhere in the world. Black in colour they can grow up to 20 cm long. They usually live in colonies, and are great climbers. Often found in tree tops, roof voids and inside walls. So, if you have any trees close to your property, you want to clean up fallen fruit and other droppings to prevent creating a food source for this kind of pest.

Also known as “ship rats” and “black rats”, they are very agile climbers.

Rodent Dangers

Rats are known to carry infectious diseases. These serious diseases can be carried through their bites, urine and feces (rodent droppings) or contact with dead animals. This can cause health issues.

Some spread diseases including rat bite fever, Hantavirus, lymphocytic choriomeningitis, and bubonic plague.

Not only do they carry disease and cause health problems but they can also cause structural damage to your household. They can gnaw away and eat through walls, building materials and compromise the structural integrity of your building. Don’t risk extensive damage to your home or commercial property.

They can also contaminate food with their bacteria, causing you or your family members to become infected.

Signs of Rodent & Mice Infestation

Rodents are prolific breeders. Signs of mice infestations that require rodent control include:

  • Gnaw and chew marks in electrical wires, food packaging, wood, and other solid materials
  • Hear Noises – Regular thumping and scratching on walls
  • Nesting materials – cardboard, paper, insulation
  • Footprints in dust or powder
  • Rub Marks and Chewed material
  • Rat Droppings – especially in cabinets, drawers, and along floor walls.
  • Urine and feces stains in cabinets and drawers is a sign of a mouse infestation
  • property damage

Contact Pro Pest Control Sydney as soon as you notice a rodent infestation.

Tips For Rodent Treatments

Rodent Treatment Tips

Preventing rats in your house is extremely helpful to eliminate a rodent problem. Follow these effective treatment advice.

  • Remove open food items and cover food when eating outside
  • Seal the roof cavity and all exterior holes and gaps with rodent-resistant materials
  • Keep a clean and sanitary environment
  • Clean garbage bin areas and empty garbage bins regularly
  • Avoid storing food in cardboard or paper containers
  • Watch for any signs of rodent infestation in your vicinity
  • You can also set traps for rodents

We use effective methods for killing rodents and eradicating species. If you can’t get rid of the rodents yourself call a professional pest control company.


Are rats and mice the same?

Many people confuse them, but mice are smaller.

Are rats dangerous?

Rats carry a wide array of harmful diseases which can cause serious health problems. Apart from diseases and infections they also cause property damage and jeopodise the structural integrity of buildings. They love gnawing on electrical wires and causing damage to properties.

Do rodents bite?

Yes, rodents bite. Biting is just one of the many ways they can cause harm to you?

Why are there rodents in my house?

Food and water can attract rats to your house. If you have open food or garbage lying around, they will come. If you unintentionally feed rat and mouse populations they can breed extremely fast. As they are prolific breeders and given the chance the will both a rat or mice can multiply and become a serious problem.

What do they eat?

Rodents are omnivores. This means that they eat both meat and plants

Rat Control Prices

Rodent pest treatment can cost anywhere from $150 to $500. We provide affordable and effective rodent control that is environmentally friendly.

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