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Rodent Control Sydney

Rodents are common in Sydney. Especially around the bay areas.  If you have a problem you need rodent pest control to remove the infestation.

If there’s something we all agree about rodents, it’s that an infestation is never a good thing. These animals can do a great deal of damage – both to your health and your property.

Our trained technicians specialise in all rodent pest control services for rats and mice.

What are Rodents?

Rodents are a type of mammal that are usually recognized by their large front teeth. These teeth come in handy as rats primarily gnaw on their prey.

Besides their large front teeth, rodents are also characterized by their furry, long tails and flexible bodies. Most rodents are very small, meaning that they are usually prey for even larger animals. So, they have incredibly sharp reflexes and senses. This makes it quite difficult to get rid of them.

Rodents are quite common in human settlements. They are drawn to a lot of things, including food and garbage. But, it is worth noting that they are herbivores. So, they feast on both meat and plants.

Types of Rodents

Rodents come in different types and species. But, the most popular ones you see around include:

House Mouse

House mice (mouse) are found pretty much everywhere in the world. They tend to be pretty small, although they grow bigger as they eat more and live longer – like most mammals. House mice love to stay in dark and secluded areas – especially inside buildings. They are great climbers, and they can jump up to a foot in height.

House mice are also known to fit through very small areas. Interestingly, they are color blind. But, they have incredibly sharp senses so they get around pretty easily.

Norway Rats

Similar to house mice, Norway rats are just about everywhere. These rats are known to be nocturnal, and they tend to burrow into garbage piles underground. You will mostly find Norway rats in your house during the fall as outside sources become more scarce.

As you would expect, Norway rats are adept at chewing and gnawing. They also move together, so an infestation can quickly develop. Norway rats can fit into holes as small as half an inch, so you don’t want to leave any openings around these guys.

Roof Rats

While they are especially prominent in Southeast Asia, roof rats are also common everywhere in the world. They usually live in colonies, and they prefer to nest in the upper parts of houses – hence their name. So, if you have any trees close to your property, you want to clean up fallen fruit and other droppings or you could attract roof rats.

Also known as “ship rats” and “black rats,” roof rats are great swimmers. This is an important fact you want to keep in mind with them.

Deer Mice

Famous especially in the United States, deer mice are known to nest in rural areas. They particularly love log piles and tree hollows, so they’re rarely any threat to you if you’re at home. But, they could come indoors in the summer months as they look for food.

Deer mice are especially dangerous because they carry Hantavirus – a growing issue for people. They are known for their bicolored tails, which are usually half white and half brown.

Rodent Dangers

Rodents like mice and rats are known to carry tens of diseases. These diseases can be carried through their bites, as well as through handling their urine and feces or contact with dead rodents. Humans can also get infected through other animals that have come in contact with infected rodents.

Some of the diseases they carry include Hantavirus, lymphocytic choriomeningitis, and plague.

Besides diseases, rodents can also cause structural damage to your home. Mice and rats can create holes in your walls, damage building materials, and generally depreciate your home’s structural integrity.

Rodents can also contaminate food in your cabinets and taint dishes with their bacteria, causing you to become infected.

Signs of Rodent Infestation

Rodents leave several signs to show when they come into your building. Some of these include:

  • Gnaw and chew marks in food packaging, wood, and other solid materials
  • Regular thumping and scratching on walls
  • Nesting materials – cardboard, paper, insulation, etc.
  • Footprints in dust or powder
  • Chewed material
  • Droppings – especially in cabinets, drawers, and along floor walls.
  • Urine and feces stains in cabinets and drawers.

How to Control Rodents

The following tips will help you to effectively control rodent presences in your home:

  • Remove open food items and cover food when eating outside
  • Seal all exterior holes and gaps with rodent-resistant materials
  • Keep a clean and sanitary environment
  • Keep garbage cans sealed and clean their environments
  • Avoid storing food in cardboard or paper containers
  • Watch for any signs of rodent infestation in your vicinity
  • You can also set traps for rodents

In situations where the infestation gets too much, it is recommended that you get in touch with a professional treatment service.


Are rats and mice the same?

Many people confuse them, but mice are smaller than rats.

Are rodents dangerous?

Yes, they are. Mice and rats carry a wide array of diseases.

Do rodents bite?

Yes, rodents bite. Biting is just one of the many ways they can cause harm to you?

Why are there rodents in my house?

Rodents are usually attracted to food. If you have open food or garbage lying around, they will come.

What do rodents eat?

Rodents are omnivores. This means that they eat both meat and plants

Rodent Treatment Prices

Rodent treatment can cost anywhere from $200 to $2,000. The price you pay will depend on several factors, including:

  • The size of the infestation
  • The size of the property
  • The removal and treatment technique

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