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Rats and mice gnaw through your property and spread disease. Their large size does make them easier to spot than insect pests, though, so you can get an early start on control.

Types and Habits of Mice and Rats

The scurrying of little feet you hear may belong to house mice, Norway rats, or roof rats. None of these are native to Australia.

House mice will often live in attics and walls, while roof rats, as their name suggests, live under the roof. Norway rats may live in your home, or they may live outside and just come in looking for food.


Prevention Tips for Mice and Rats

Keeping rats and mice out of your home is a matter of sealing entry points and making food and water unavailable.

  • Keep food in sealed containers.
  • Ensure rubbish bins are covered with tight lids.
  • Clean areas around pet bowls and bird feeders to remove spilled food.
  • Avoid letting debris pile up outside where it can provide cover for rodents.
  • Seal openings around pipes and cables with caulking or steel wool.
  • Repair holes or gaps in the roof.
  • Cover drains with metal screens.


Control of Mice and Rats

There are several methods of rodent control that professionals may recommend if you have an infestation of rats or mice. Taking steps to keep the rodents out by sealing all access points is the most permanent option.

Traps and baits may be used to kill rodents that are already in your home. Chemical rodenticides are available, although some aren’t suitable for residential use. Some combination of all these methods will likely produce the best results.


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