Schools Pest Control

Protecting Schools and Universities Against Pests

Kitchens, dining halls, and playgrounds provide a conducive breeding environment for pests in schools and universities. They can make learning for students very uncomfortable. A pest infestation can cause panic among staff and students while also destroying school property. Pests have to be banished completely from schools and universities. 

As a school owner or manager, especially in boarding schools, it is important to take the health of your staff and learners into consideration and work fast to counter pest infestations. 

Pest Control Process

1. Contact

Education facilities are expected to call or email pest control experts immediately they notice even the smallest sign of an infestation. Pest infestations can spread very fast around the school due to increased interaction. Once they spread, pests can be harder to control, considering the size of the school. Our technician will visit the school and check out the situation. 

2. Inspections

After contacting us, we’ll schedule an onsite visit to assess the situation. This service includes identifying the type of pests around the school and their possible methods to control the pests.

3. Treatment

After assessing the situation and identifying the pests, we’ll then come ready to treat them. Chemical treatment works best in large-scale treatment. We’ll heavily treat infested areas including corners, drawers and dining areas. We pay special attention to these zones to ensure that pests do not come back to the school or university. Hostels should be treated carefully because they’re hotspots of pest infestation. After treatment, it could take some time before the school can resume its day to day activities. It is important to carry out this service when students are on holiday. 

How pests affect schools

Pests could be vectors of diseases and Bacteria. They harbour various diseases that they transmit to students and staff by contaminating surfaces. 

Pests can establish infestations very quickly in schools. By the time you notice them, they have already caused more structural damage than you thought. Also, pests create unsanitary conditions in schools which is detrimental to children.

Common pests


Ants are social insects that live in colonies. These colonies can be as big as a thousand members each. Ant bites are painful as well as allergenic which can cause serious health problems to students and staff.

Bed bugs

Bed bugs are irritating pests that feed on blood. They cause itching and infections to their hosts. They might thrive best in hostels where there is conducive temperature as well as “ready meals” when students are asleep.


Cockroaches range in colour and size and can cause diseases among students by contaminating food. They are a common type of pest which are unsightly in a school setup. 

Benefits of Pest Control

  1. Controlling pests in schools will go a long way in eliminating pest-related illnesses in students and school staff.
  2. Pests can cause a lot of damage to school property if left to infest. In their numbers, pests can destroy property worth millions. Controlling pests ensures that you no longer have to worry about damage. 
  3. Controlling pests in your school will help you save money that could be used to control pests for years to come. One treatment will last a very long time, keeping your school safe while saving you money.


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Pests can wreak havoc in schools and universities if left to infest. From spreading diseases to damaging property, they can cause all sorts of inconveniences. Luckily, we are always ready to help you counter pests. All it takes is a phone call and you have access to the best control and preventative measures. Don’t let pests be a bother to your students and staff. 

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