School Pest Control

Pest Control To Protect Schools and Universities

School Pest Control

Children in schools must be protected. A pest infestation can spread disease so having effective pest control for your school is important.

School kitchens, dining halls, and playgrounds provide a conducive breeding environment for pests in schools and universities. They can make learning for students very uncomfortable.

Bad infestations can cause panic among staff and students in any school. Not to mention the potential to destroy school property. Pests have to be eradicated completely to ensure a safe learning environment for students. 

The health of your teachers and students is important so you need a reliable pest control company for your school.

Our Process

1. Inspection

 Our School pest control service starts with an inspection. This allow the technician to identify the type of pests and recommend the best treatment methods.

2. Treatment

After assessing the property we will begin the treatment. Environmentally friendly treatments with mild pesticides are used. Our eco-friendly treatment options are safe for children and animals. We will be discreet when treating all classrooms and playgrounds to endure minimal disruptions.

3. Prevention

Our prevention methods include a range of integrated pest management techniques. This will ensure complete year-round protection and a pest-free and safe environment for the future.

Dangers of Pest Infestations

They harbour various diseases that they transmit to students and staff by contaminating surfaces. 

Pests can establish infestations very quickly in schools. They can create unsanitary conditions which are detrimental to children.

School Pest Management

Common Pests We Treat


Ants are social insects that live in colonies. These colonies can be as big as a thousand members each. Ant bites are painful as well as allergenic which can cause serious health problems to students and staff.

Bed bugs

Bed bugs feed on blood. They cause itching and infections to their hosts. They might thrive best in hostels where there is conducive temperature as well as “ready meals” when students are asleep.


Cockroaches range in colour and size and can cause diseases among students by contaminating food. An outbreak on uncontrolled german cockroaches can wreak havoc in a school. 


  1. Healthy Environment – Controlling outbreaks can help eliminate pest-related illnesses to students and staff.
  2. Prevent Property Damage – Pests can cause a lot of damage to property if left to infest. Controlling them early is the safest way to protect the premises.


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Untreated pest infestations can be costly. From spreading diseases to damaging property, it’s not worth the risk.

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