Shopping Centre Pest Control

Pest Management Services for Shopping Centre Managers

Having an effective pest control plan for a shopping centre is crucial. Customer satisfaction is everything in business.

If customers see any kind of pest when shopping you risk them not coming back. The high volume of people and products entering a shopping centre will expose it to pests.

That’s why you need to do regular pest control to expose infestations before they become full-blown.

Pest control in shopping centres


A pest infestation can prove devastating to a shopping centre. It is also difficult to identify the cause of infestations considering the size of the mall.

In a mall, there are many stalls and stores, a lot of goods and people coming in and out. This makes it even harder. But we have the experience and expertise. It will take us only a few days to identify the type of pests in the mall.

Pest Treatment Recommendations

After identifying the pest and the causes of infestation, we will choose the most effective pest treatments.

On-site treatment

Considering the size of shopping centres, it would take a lot of technicians working together to get the work done. We will apply the necessary methods to every zone of infestation and in areas where pest activity has been detected.

It is more effective to do the job at night when there are no customers around. This would allow us to use chemicals and also give them time to neutralize the pests by morning.

Post-treatment Procedures

We’ll need to follow up on the treatment and ensure that the pest treatment was successful. A single pest is enough to cause another infestation in a short period. 

Importance of pest control services

Our services are important in the following ways:

  1. They ensure that the shopping centre management is made aware of the types of pest is likely to infest the area.
  2. Customer satisfaction is paramount. The shopping environment must be pest free all year round.
  3. Damage from pest infestations can be expensive. From consuming food in stores to destroying property.
  4. A pest outbreak can spread disease. You don’t want your customers going down with pest-related diseases that they contracted in the shopping centre.
  5. Our pest control methods are long-term. Once effective pest control is completed, your property will be protected. 

Common pests in shopping centres


Rats and mice are the biggest pest problem in shopping centres. They are attracted to food, warmth, and housing. They will chew fabric, wood and cardboard, contaminating surfaces and stock with their droppings in the process.

By gnawing on wiring, they can significantly increase the probability of fires in your shopping centre or power problems.

Bees and Wasps

Bees and wasps cause big problems for food and drink sellers and users in the summer. They are attracted to sugary foods and drinks and can cause a lot of distress to customers in your shopping centre.


Cloth sellers suffer major stock and financial losses as the result of moth infestations. Moths like to feed on natural fibres such as wool, cotton, and linen. This could cause huge losses and destroy your reputation if customers notice moths in clothes. 


Cockroaches are never shy to crawl on walls even in a fully packed shopping centre. They are such an unsightly presence that most customers dislike. 

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Controlling pests in shopping centres can be an exacting task considering the size. We will provide you with the best pest control methods and advice.

The wide range of services we offer will ensure that bugs are controlled effectively. Do not hesitate to seek these services even at the smallest sighting of a pest infestation.  

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