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Silverfish Prevention

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Silverfish don’t transmit disease, but their eating habits can make them quite destructive. If they’re chewing up your property, you’ll be thinking about eradication.

Types and Habits of Silverfish

There is only one common species of silverfish, but it is found throughout six continents. Silverfish are nocturnal and prefer damp places, so you may find them in basements and closets.

These insects like starches and sugars. This means that they will eat books and papers, carpet and clothing, and sugar and coffee. They may also contaminate food.

Prevention Tips for Silverfish

The best way to prevent a silverfish infestation is to decrease the humidity in the areas where you find them. The first step is to make sure you don’t have plumbing leaks that are keeping the area perpetually damp.

You can also try to increase the air flow in damp locations and use a dehumidifier periodically to dry the space.

Checking boxes of books or paper that you bring into your home is always a good idea, too. Empty the box outside and look for silverfish before you bring the items inside.

Control of Silverfish

Do you just see the occasional silverfish? If so, you can use a common household insecticide spray to kill them. You may also put bundles of clothes or papers in plastic bags and leave them in full sun for a couple of hours to kill the adult silverfish and their eggs.

You might want to call a professional if you have so many silverfish that they’re causing significant damage. The professionals will use sprays and foggers to treat the areas that the silverfish are calling home.

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