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You may find spiders fascinating or horrifying, but you probably don’t want them infesting your home. The dangerous types, especially, need to go.


Types and Habits of Spiders

There are about a dozen types of spiders that are considered household pests in Australia. Half of them have bites that are painful, poisonous, or both. They include the following.

  • Funnel web spider
  • Redback spider
  • Mouse spider
  • Black house spider
  • White-tailed spider
  • Northern tree spider

The rest are simply nuisances if there are too many of them in your house or garden. The list of harmless spider folk includes the following.

  • Garden wolf spider
  • Garden orb spider
  • Daddy long legs
  • Huntsman spider
  • Trap-door spider


It’s impossible to make general statements about the habits of spiders because they occupy so many niches in the environment. It’s up to you to decide if a particular type has topped your threshold and needs to be eradicated.


Prevention Tips for Spiders

You’re fighting a losing battle if you want to keep spiders completely out of your house or garden. They’re rather sneaky, and some of the most dangerous live in concealed burrows.

One thing you can do is strive to keep your home free of other types of insects. This removes a food source, so your house will be less tempting to spiders. You may also want to keep your outdoor spaces free from debris that would encourage spiders to move in.


Control of Spiders

Control methods depend on the size of the problem. The occasional spider, even if it’s one of the dangerous ones, can be squashed or sprayed with an insecticide. Web-building spiders can be discouraged by repeatedly knocking down their webs.

If you have a fear of spiders, or if you have too many spiders to deal with yourself, you can hire professionals to eradicate them.


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