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Termite Bait Stations and Monitoring

Termites or white ants are the most destructive pests found in Australian homes. Unfortunately, these creatures are both hard to detect and control.

Statistics show that at least 1 out of 4 homes suffers from termite infestation.

Timber and wood products are the most vulnerable to termite attacks. They contain cellulose; the termites’ darling.

If termites attack and you fail to detect them on time, the destruction can be costly. That’s why every homeowner must invest in proper termite control methods.

Termite baiting systems are one of the termite management and control methods.

It is a widely used method across all Australian provinces and states. If you are wondering what the method entails, tag along and we’ll give you everything you need to know.

What are Termite Baiting Systems?

Termite baiting systems are installed underground around the property they are securing. They can also be inside a house if there are existing termite tunnels.

The systems comprise “smart missiles” that kill termites before reaching your house.

The smart missiles are a mixture of cellulose and slow-acting insecticide. Their ultimate goal is to detect and eradicate the entire termite colony.

Once the termites take the baits, they transfer them back to the colony thus poisoning the rest.

How do termite baiting systems work?

The first step when you contact us is to inspect your home. Then, we’ll install the stations with baits to attract the termites. We will keep on inspecting the station for a predetermined period of time.

If we notice termite activity, they will mix the bait with an insect growth inhibitor. This ingredient kills the termites during moulting. As the termites feed on the bait, they swallow this component. They also transport it back to the nest.

The inhibitor doesn’t kill the termites immediately. But once it starts taking effect, it can wipe out the entire colony within 6-12 weeks. The slow action effect serves to lure enough termites to the station and spread time.

Types of Termite Baiting Systems

Termite Bait Station Installation

Termite bait stations are underground around the property to secure. Although, on some rare occasions, they can be inside a house on existing termite tunnels.

A bait station consists of a perforated hollow cylinder and a bait. The perforations provide the termites with pathways to enter and leave the station.

As they do so, they establish a colony specific smell that attracts their nest mates to the stations.

The bait stations are set up at least 2 feet from the foundations of the house. This is crucial to prevent the station from interfering with treated soil.

You should also ensure that the stations are at intervals of 15 to 20 feet around the compound.

Types of Termite Baiting Systems 

If you contact us to install termite baits at your home, there are several options we can adopt. These include;


You may have seen green circular containers placed around your neighbour’s perimeter.

Those are Sentricon termite bait stations. The system was developed by Dow Agrosciences and uses Sentricon bait. An effective insect growth regulator. Its work is to stop the termites moulting process. Any attempt of the termites to moult they die in the process. This is how the bait is able to wipe out the entire colonies.

The work termites spread the bait throughout the colony. Eventually, they poison their nest mates and start dying slowly. As they die, their population declines to an extend the colony cannot sustain itself. So, it collapses and becomes extinct. 

To remain active, the station may require periodic maintenance. We can help you keep your bait stations refilled at an affordable fee. Contact us today for the Sentricon baiting system and others to keep your home safe. 

The Exterra

We use the Exterra baiting system because it is less toxic and effective. If you choose this system, you achieve two things; you protect your home and the environment. As global warming threatens to tear down the planet, it’s our duty to protect it. And using eco-friendly products is one of those ways. 

The Exterra uses closed and locked monitoring stations filled with FOCUS Termite Attractant. If there are termites around, they will smell the bait and advance towards it. Once there is an activity in the monitoring system, the technician adds requiem bait. This is the development inhibitor used in this system. 

With time, the termites will then spread the bait in the entire colony. The component is very effective and will wipe out the entire colony.

Trelona Advance Termite Bait System

If you suspect your home of an active termite colony, Trelona Advance is the best baiting system. It uses a stronger active component known as Novaluron. Unlike its counterpart, Trelona Advance needs a lesser dosage.

There are two ways you can use this system. One is following the traditional method of installation and quarterly inspections. After installation, you insert an inspection cartridge in the station. When you notice termite activity, you replace the inspection cartridge with a Trelona bait cartridge.

The second method is necessary if there is termite activity already. Instead of an inspection cartridge, the technician installs Trelona ATBS Direct Bait Kit. The bait used here is very attractive and termites find it fast. They then start feeding and spreading to their nestmates.

Advantages of Termite Baiting Systems 

There are several methods of termite control. You might be wondering which is the best for your property. Below are some of the benefits you reap if you choose a termite baiting system;

  • They are non-intrusive. No need to dig trenches or big holes when installing bait stations. So, your compound and house remain undisturbed.
  • No need for booster treatments. Termite bait systems are standalone control methods that do not require supplementary treatment. Except for the periodic refilling, you don’t need any other treatment.
  • They show termite activity. Before treatment, the termite baiting systems monitor the termite activity. It is easier to control the colony when you know the termite activities.
  • Bating systems are less toxic. Most of the baits used in the systems are less toxic thus do not poison the environment.

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