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Do you need wasp pest control in Sydney? If you see a wasps nest you should call a perofessional pest control company. Wasps and bees are particularly dangerous insects because of their ability to swarm and inflect painful stings. We treat all wasp species.

A wasp bite can cause sever swelling and an allergic reaction so its best not to disturb them. If you get bitten and have you should seek immediate medical attention.

If you have a problem our wasp pest control service so they can remove them for you.

Our qualified pest technicians provide wasp removal services for any wasp problem throughout all Sydney suburbs in New South Wales.

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What are Wasps?

Both wasps (and bees) are highly social animals, and they usually live in colonies. They are especially prominent because they are versatile. Moreover yhey can stay in the wild and are also adaptable if they build their nests in a home.

While many people prefer to remove them, these insects can actually be beneficial. They pollinate plants and help them to grow. Moreover they eat arachnids and other pest insects including ants and caterpillars. So, if you find a wasp or a bee population in your garden, there’s a significant chance that they will help to reduce the population of other types of pests.

Our Wasp Pest Control Treatment Procedures

1 Inspection: We inspect the property in all accessible areas. These include indentifying the colony and wasps nests in sheds, garages, sheds, pot plants, wall cavities, sheltered areas, around buildings, trees.

2 Treatment: Our pest technican will formulate a customised treatment plan for your household. We locate any new nest locations then safely remove any nests. Once removed safely we will secure the nest and relocate or destroy it. For bees that are endangered species we relocate to a safe habitat. We’ll use pesticide sprays and insecticides to eliminate an

What are Wasps & Bees?

Dangers of Wasps

Wasps, like bees use their stinger for self-defense when they sense danger. Wasp venom (a poisonous substance) is transmitted to humans via the wasp’s stinger. The sting can cause significant pain and irritation. If they are disturbed they can become aggressive and attack. A wasp sting can trigger allergic reactions in some people. Other symptoms and risks include the following:

  • Wasp Stings
  • Redness
  • Severe Swelling in the stung area – as well as in surrounding areas
  • Anaphylaxis and Anaphylactic shock
  • Hives
  • Flushing
  • Severe skin itching

Some people also develop allergic reactions to bees. If you’re such a person, you will need to move any bees from your house immediately. Be careful and watch your children if you’ve seen a wasp nest.

Some species can also affect the structural integrity of their building as they bore into wood like termites.

Signs of Infestations

Wasps are most active during the summer months. The most telling sign of a infestation is when you see a bee or wasp.

You can also notice holes and sawdust from doors and other wooden fixtures. These are significant signs that you should keep in mind.

Lastly, there are situations where you find an active bee and wasp hive in the house. This is an extreme situation, and you will need to call professionals to get them out.

How to Control Wasps & Bees

How to Control Wasps & Bees

The best way to prevent problems with wasp nests is to catch them early. Small nests are easier to remove, and they won’t have dangerously large numbers of wasps in them.

  • Check in corners and under eaves for early signs of wasp activity.
  • Cover open food in your house
  • Seal openings in your home’s exterior – Cracks, Gaps, Vents and Damaged Fly Screens
  • Be careful and watch your children if you’ve seen a wasp nest
  • Cover garbage cans and waste containers
  • Use bee and wasp repellents
  • Keep a clean environment
  • Natural repellents like thyme and eucalyptus can also help to keep them away
  • Keep outdoor bins covered so the wasps won’t be attracted to them, and keep doors and windows closed.

If you notice an active hive, get in touch with a professional wasp pest control service as soon as possible. Handling hives can be a bit tricky, and you don’t want to risk making things worse.


Professional wasp control can cost anywhere between $100 and $1000 depending on the severity. Average price is $300.

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