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Wasps are particularly dangerous because of their ability to swarm and sting. You shouldn’t try to battle a large wasp infestation by yourself.


Types and Habits of Wasps

If you’re having problems with wasps, they’re likely to be either paper wasps or European wasps.

Paper wasps are the less aggressive type. They build small nests under eaves or branches.

European wasps are aggressive when they’re disturbed, and their large nests may have as many as 100,000 wasps. Many nests are underground, but they also build in walls and under roofs.


Prevention Tips for Wasps

The best way to prevent problems with wasp nests is to catch them early. Small nests are easier to remove, and they won’t have dangerously large numbers of wasps in them. Check in corners and under eaves for early signs of wasp activity.

Keep outdoor bins covered so the wasps won’t be attracted to them, and keep doors and windows closed or screened.

If you have an ongoing problem with wasps building nests on your home, you can spray insecticide on the eaves and other places that wasps find attractive.


Control of Wasps

If you have a single wasp that’s trapped in the house, go ahead and use an insecticide spray to kill it. It won’t like this much, so be prepared to back away. If you need to eliminate an entire nest of wasps, call a professional.

Professionals spray wasp nests to kill the inhabitants. You will need to leave the nest in place for a couple of days to make sure all the wasps are dead before you remove it.


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