About Us

Pro Pest Control Sydney is dedicated to maintaining our reputation of providing reliable services and customer service with a smile. We have had many years of experience serving both domestic and commercial customers. Our dedication to quality and our commitment to customer satisfaction is what we strongly believe in.

Our clients don’t want excuses or explanations. They want their property free of pests and the disease they bring. They want their problems solved both now and going forward, and that is exactly what we do best.

All of our pest technicians are highly trained, experienced and fully certified by the NSW Environment Protection Authority. They provide integrated pest management to fight against all pests and vermin.

We want to provide the perfect customer experience for you every time. We offer no obligation free quotes with no hidden extras. The prices we advertise are what you will pay.

We work hard to maintain our reputation for friendly customer service. We want to stand out from the growing crowd, and give our customers the peace of mind on every project.

Our Mission is to uphold our professionalism, integrity and the highest possible standards to every customer.

Our Vision is to continue to being a leading provider of pest extermination services.

To learn more about the services we offer or how we might be able to help you, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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