Government Pest Control

Pest Prevention for Sydney’s Government Buildings

It is hard to think about how many people go in and out of a government building in a single day. There are countless strict rules and procedures to follow in government buildings, but pests have no respect whatsoever for those procedures. Rats will skitter across the floor and cockroaches crawl on the walls if proper pest control measures are not employed. These buildings have unique pest control requirements so solutions have to be tailor-made. That’s why you need the best pest control experts you can find.

Pest Control Process

For government buildings, there are various services that can be rendered in a bid to make pest control successful. 

1. Regular inspections

Government buildings are always busy. This makes it hard to notice pest activity, sometimes until the infestation is full-blown. It is only wise to have pest control experts perform regular check-ups to determine the pest situation and find appropriate control methods if they notice any pest infestations. Special attention should be paid to basements, kitchens, and storage areas. 

2. Pest treatment

When a pest problem is identified in a government building, treatment is done immediately. We’ll apply the proper control methods in infested areas. We use only environmentally friendly pest control methods. Furthermore, workers need to come back to work and use the premises without feeling the effect of pesticides used during treatment. 

3. Long-term prevention

We’ll provide government buildings with the necessary preventative measures. These, if adhered to, will go a long way to ensure that pests do not come back after treatment. Staff are also made aware of actions that could invite pests into the building and how to keep them out.

Common pests


Rodents are nuisance pests anywhere they infest. They can cause headaches in these workspaces. Rodents can infest storage rooms and chew up important documents. They are an awfully scary sight to staff and the public.


Termites are tiny pests that can cause considerable property damage in government offices and buildings in general. They feed on cellulose, meaning they could make a meal out of your important record books. They also cause major damages to the furniture in the building. 

Bed bugs

Most people tend to think that bed bugs can only infest in the home setup. This is not the case, as they are common pests in government buildings. They find comfortable breeding sites in office chairs and desks. Bed bugs are embarrassing and unsightly. They multiply rapidly so you must their infestations sooner rather than later. 


Food attracts these unhygienic bugs. Sometimes staff like a good snack to help relax during working hours. Crumbs on the floor and used packages on the office desks easily attract cockroaches. 

Importance of pest control

  1. Pests in government buildings can cause allergens and spread diseases among staff and also to the public who visit the premises. 
  2. Pests lead to property damage in government buildings. Furniture in these buildings may be very expensive and you might need a lot of money to repair and replace them when pests damage them. 
  3. Food contamination is a major pest problem. Pests can infest kitchens and food stores in government buildings and cause food damage worth a fortune.
  4. Pests are a notorious image destroyer. They may dent the image of the government to the public. Even in search of crucial government services, No one would want to visit a pest-infested building.
  5. Pest control helps to eliminate pests from the building for a long time. This will save the management money that they would have otherwise used to take care of pest-related damages. 


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It is vital for government buildings to have protection against pests. Pests are a nuisance everywhere they infest. Government buildings should seek pest control services regularly even when there are no noticeable pest infestation problems. This will go a long to eliminate all risks that come with pest infestations. If you’re looking for pest control experts in government buildings, look no more. We have what it takes to deal with pests in such premises.

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