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Spider Control Sydney

Do you need spider control services for your Sydney household? You need affordable and effective spider control solutions to rid your residence of spiders.

Spiders and ants are the number one reason customers call us during the busy summer season.  We’ll provide you with effective residential pest control to treat all types of spider species in Sydney. We provide gauranteed spider removal and affordable spider pest control for all homeowners.  Sydney is home to some of the world’s deadliest spiders including the Sydney Funnel-web, white-tailed spiders and redback spiders.

We provide safe and environmentally friendly professional pest control  for spiders.

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What are Spiders?

Spiders are arthropods and have eight legs. They’re the largest order of arachnids in the world. Considered a pest as they can inflict a nasty spider bite and inject dangerous toxic venom. They can spin webs using spinnerets that extrude silk to create a web.

Spiders are carnivorous and eat mainly insects. Some are large enough to even eat rats and mice.

Types of Spider in Sydney

Types of Spiders in Sydney

There is an estimated 38,000 species worldwide. However, the most well known of these in Sydney include the following. Spider can survice in high temperatuires of up to 43 degrees.

Sydney Funnel-web Spiders – Atrax robustus

This family of spiders are known for their funnel-shaped webs. They’re especially prominent in Australia, and they use their webs to trap prey.

The Sydney funnel web spider is large, with a bulky brown body that makes it easy to spot. Their bites are also very venomous, and they can cause different health problems to humans.

Red Back Spiders – Latrodectus hasselti

Redbacks are the deadliest spider in nsw and are inclined bite humans if disturned.  Exhibiting a unique red marking on their backs and known to be dangerous to children and animals.  The Redback spider is generally found outside. They are external webbing spiders and can cause agonising bites to humans. The spider bite can be extemely painful. If you get bitten by a venomous you should seek immediate medical attention or phone the Poisons Information Centre on 13 11 26.

The redback spider nests in unsuspecting areas like underneath chairs, inside handles of objects. To ensure treating effectively make sure we turn over all outdoor furniture to expose the underside. This is where these spiders like to hide. Call the pest control experts for effective spider treatment in Sydney. Our experienced pest controllers can remove any threat.

Black Widow Spider – Latrodectus

The black widow is a species that has also spread around the world. They live in different settings, from burrows and woodpiles to plants that help their webs to stand.

The female black widow has a shiny black body and a red or yellow hourglass frame under her abdomen. The body measures about 2.5 cm in length. Males have white and red stripes on the sides of their abdomens.

A bite from the black widows often produces significant muscle pains, cramping, nausea and vomiting.

Species of Spiders We Treat

We remove both webbing and non-webbing spider spider species below.

  • Red backs – Female Red back Spider
  • Black house spider
  • Funnel webs
  • Mouse Spiders
  • White Tailed Spiders
  • Grey House Spider
  • Trapdoor Spiders
  • Ground Dwelling Spiders
  • Huntsman Spider
  • Wolf Spiders
  • Orb weaver spiders
  • Crab spider
  • Tarantula

Spider Pest Control Methods

1. Inspect

Our pest technician will being a detailed and thorough insection of the buildings to identify threats. This includes all accessible internal and external areas.

2. Treatment

Effective spider pest contol requires specialised chemical pesticides and application equipment to apply the pesticide. You need to eliminate the spiders inside your home using effective spider treatment.

  • Internal – We treat a major infestation of non webbing or webbing spiders inside a home spraying insecticides .
  • Outside surfaces – Outdoor ground dwelling spiders should not be aggravated. To prevent flushing out dangerous spiders we use non-repellent chemicals to kill the spiders slowly.

3. Prevention

To prevent future spider infestations we recommend removing access points and keeping areas clean and tidy. Our pest controller uses the latest spider control products to treat spider nests in crevices and all visible spiders around your property.

Dangers of Spiders in Sydney?

Some Sydney species are perhaps the most dangerous and prominent arachnids in the world. Since there are different types of species, there are different effects you can get from their bites as well.

Spider bites can cause different effects, ranging from swelling and skin redness to welts and skin damage. You can also feel pains around the bite, cramps, sweating, difficulty breathing, rashes, nausea, high blood pressure, headaches, and more.

If you get bitten by a spider, we recommend that you seek medical help for envenomation. For professional help call the expert pest control specialists providing professional spider control treatment for any spider problem.

Dangerous Spiders We Treat

Signs of a Spider Infestation

A common sign of infestation is webbing. They create different types of webs with different patterns. You can also notice egg sacs. This is basically a silk ball with hundreds of spider eggs in it.

How to Control Spider Species

  • Pest-free your home by keeping it clean
  • Get rid of clutter in your home
  • Seal cracks in your walls
  • Remove plants, leaves, and stones from the house
  • Regularly dust around the house
  • Clean dishes
  • Remove any leftover food
  • Use peppermint spray to repel
  • Remove spider webs

Treatment Prices

Spider pest control in Sydney will cost between $150 and $250.

Why Choose Pro Pest Control

Professional and friendly spider control treatment for residential and commercial property owners.

  • 20 Years Pest Control Industry Experience
  • Professionalism & Integrity
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  • Public Liability & Professional Indemnity Insurance $20,000,000
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