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The Spider Struggle is Real.

We know how you feel. You’re minding your own business, relaxing in your home, when suddenly – there it is. A creepy, crawly eight-legged intruder making its way across your wall or ceiling. Your peace of mind is gone, and you might even start to worry about the health risks associated with these uninvited guests.

Nobody likes their homes to be invaded by unwelcome visitors, especially when those visitors are spiders!

The creepy crawlies you find around your home come in a range of shapes and sizes, and can bring all manner of stress and danger.

If you’re looking for a trusted company with over 20 years of experience in spider control treatments, Pro Pest Control Sydney has the perfect solution.

We can treat all spiders with our quality spider removal service. Plus we remove spider webs during the process.

Your only a call away from a spider-free property!

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The Problem with Spiders

Spiders pose all kinds of problems for homeowners. From potentially dangerous species like the Sydney Funnel Web or Red Back to the more common House Spider, you can rely on us to take care of your infestation safely and effectively. Not only can spiders deliver an unwelcome bite, they leave behind unsightly webs that act as unwelcome decorations throughout your home. Plus, having them in your home is just plain unsettling.

Our Professional Spider Control Service

When it comes to spider control methods we know what works best.

Our application methods include safe spray treatments, dusting solutions which penetrate hard to reach areas and localised spot treatments at entry points used by spiders such as doors or windowsills.

We understand that each house is different so our licensed technicians tailor each treatment according to the individual needs of your property. Plus our products are eco-friendly and safe for everyone which means there’s no need for worry once our treatment is completed. They are tough on spiders but gentle on you, your family and even your beloved pets!

It’s time ot say goodbye to these scary arachnids.

Depending on the nature of infestation (species present, their habits), we may apply various treatments after the initial inspection. Such as dust formulations or liquid sprays. These target both interior and exteriors areas of your property. Applying in cracks, crevices, hidden spots in corners or behind furniture where spiders may be lurking.

Spray Treatments

Our spray treatments are deemed safe for both people and pets, allowing us to safely treat window sills, door frames, conduits and dark areas where spiders tend to hide.


By dusting hard-to-reach places like wall cavities and ceilings we ensure that spiders won’t be able to nest there again – plus we use only Eco friendly dusts which make sense from an environmental point of view!

Spot Treatments

Spiders prefer quiet places such as windowsills or doorways as entry points into your home, so we focus on these areas by applying a range of spot treatments aimed at eradicating spider infestations.

Exterior Applications

Protecting your home extends beyond its walls; it also involves making sure spiders don’t have easy access from outside. Our technicians will treat potential entry points like windowsills or doorframes. We’ll also apply chemical barriers in strategic areas surrounding your property. Using granular insecticides or exterior perimeter sprays. Inhibiting spider movement into your home territory.

Prevention & Monitoring

Finally, we won’t leave you hanging after treatment completion! Our team will provide useful tips on how you can keep spiders at bay through prevention measures like decluttering or regular cleaning practices. Additionally, depending on infestation severity ( and species present), our technicians may schedule follow-up visits to monitor the situation – ensuring those spiders stay out for good.

And that’s it! With our comprehensive and customized approach, Pro Pest Control Sydney is all set to kick those pesky spiders right out of your home while keeping your family and environment safe.

Huntsman spider

About Spiders

In order to deal with them more effectively (and perhaps ease some fears), it helps to understand what they are all about.

Spiders belong to the class Arachnida and have over 50,000 known species. Each featuring their own signature habits. Despite varying widely in appearance and mannerisms, these creatures all share a distinct anatomy. Two body sections, eight legs and a exoskeleton made for survival.

Spiders belong to the arachnid family which also includes scorpions and ticks. They have 8 legs covered in tiny hairs that help them “taste” their environment (though spiders don’t actually taste) as well as 2 body segments. They use their spinnerets used for spinning silk webs. Most spiders inject venom with digestive enzymes into their prey. This liquefies their internals organs which they then consume, Leaving an almost intact boidy husk of they victim.

Common Species of Spider

Redback Spider

These shiny black spiders with red markings have potent venom capable of delivering intense pain so identifying these kind of species is a priority if there’s an infestation.

Sydney Funnel Web Spider

These large, black spiders are found mostly underground and can also deliver a powerful bite when provoked.

Huntsman Spider

These long legged creatures are often mistaken for tarantulas by panicked homeowners. They don’t pose any threat to humans but their size can be imposing and they have been known to surprise people by suddenly appearing in hanging garments like shirts or jackets.

House Spider

This is perhaps the most common spider in Australia. Its frighteningly fast running ability may make you think twice the next time you want to go searching for it under the furniture!

White-Tailed Spider

These medium sized spiders with brown or black bodies have a white patch on their abdomen. Most bites from these species are harmless but they can still cause itchiness and swelling. As with any spider, it’s best to eliminate white-tailed ones in case of any allergic reactions.

Wolf spider

These large, hairy spiders may look ferocious but are typically not aggressive towards humans. They prefer to roam freely around your home instead of building webs and can be quite fast!

Black widow

This infamous species is well-known for its unique markings and venomous bite. Though black widows aren’t usually aggressive, it’s essential to handle them with caution (or better yet, let the professionals take care of it).

Brown recluse

Another venomous spider species that prefers less-visible locations within your home, like closets or attics. When disturbed or threatened, they might bite – so be careful!

Signs of Infestation

There’s no mistaking a spider infestation. Webs in dark corners of your home. Sudden changes in spider activity such as noticing more than usual may indicate excessive breeding which results from an adequate food source like other insects or bugs.

All of this tells us one thing; spiders call your home “home” too!

Dark brown spider species

Why Choose Us?

We’ve been fighting pests since the early 2000’s. Meaning our knowledge and experience is second to none. Our licensed technicians focus on identifying what type of species have taken over your home so we know what kind of methods we need to use during treatments. Plus because we know how important it is for you not just safely rid yourself from pests but also protect your family, pets and environment. Our products are Eco-friendly, child friendly and pet friendly giving you complete peace of mind that you’ll receive only the highest service standards every time.

Plus with our 100% satisfaction guarantee OR money back promise – What’s not to love?!


What do i do if i get a spider bite?

If you get bitten, the best thing to do is to clean and disinfect the bite area with soap and water. More serious bites should be seen by a healthcare professional.

What are the deadliest spiders in Sydney?

In Sydney, the most dangerous and potentially deadly species are the Sydney Funnel Web and Red Back.

Does DIY Spider Pest Control work?

DIY methods can be effective but it’s best to leave it to professionals for safety and accuracy in results. Professional pest controllers can identify species and use targeted treatments.

Does your spider control treatment come with a warranty?

Yes, all of our spider treatments comes with a warranty! We guarantee that for non-webbing spiders we can rid your home of them for up to 6 months.

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