Office Pest Control

Reliable Pest Treatment for Office Builings

Office Pest Control

We provide pest control to all office buildings throughout Sydney. Maintaining a healthy work environment is important for employees. Many of your staff will consider the office the second home. So you want them feeling relaxed, safe and protected from any potential pest outbreak. You don’t want them seeing cockroaches or ants running around the office kitchen. It is important to maintain a comfortable environment for office staff and visitors. Our reliable office pest control solutions are perfect for small or large buildings.

Failure to control pests effectively will lead to health complications and potential damage. Common areas pests are found include bathrooms, toilets, staff kitchens and dining areas. The most common pests we find in offices include cockroaches, ant, spiders amd rodents.

It is crucial to take action and let the commercial pest control professionals remove the problem before it escalates.

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Our Process

1. Initial Inspection

We will inspect the office building and identify any pest issues.

2. Treatment

After identifying pest infested areas in the office, we take action immediately. Our technicians will use sprays, gels, baits, and traps to eliminate them. We’ll use discreet services to minimise employee downtime.

3. Prevention

After treatment, our pest control team will provide recommendations for future prevention. We can also schedule regular monitoring and visits throughout the year. 

Protecting Your Office

Common Pest We Find in Offices


Spiders love hiding in dry and warm areas like desks and air vents. They can be scary and unsightly if you come across them. If you see one, it means there’s more. Call us and let us assess the situation and solve it.


We get most of our calls from offices about German cockroach infestations. They are attracted to food and moisture. They especially enjoy eating left over food scraps and nest in areas that are not cleaned frequently.


Termites love eating timber. They will eat just about everything they come across as long as it contains cellulose.

Luckily termites don’t frequent offices often. But if your business is in a lowset building you may need a termite inspection to be sure you are not under threat.


The quieter and dirtier your business, the better for these foragers. Unsealed containers, bags of snacks, unemptied garbage bins, dumpsters, and crumbs are primetime meals for them. Sometimes rats and mice can chew your paperwork in storage rooms or find a dwelling in roof voids. If you see signs of rats or mice, call the rodent pest treatment experts.

Importance of Pest Control in Offices

  1. Any pest species has the potential to cause damage. Rodents will eat wires, boxes and cardboard.
  2. If left untreated they can spread disease and contaminate food.
  3. You need to protect your reputation.
  4. Controlling pests will drastically improve your employees’ productivity. With a comfortable workspace pest-free, staff can concentrate better on their work. 

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