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We provide building and pest inspections for home buyers throughout Sydney. When in the market to buy a property it is important to have a combined building & pest inspection. Our inspectors are experienced and licensed to give you the best information on the property you want to buy. We provide detailed and easy to follow reports that highlight problems so you can purchase with confidence. All inspections are performed under strict Australia standards giveing you complete peace of mind.

What Is a Building and Pest Inspection?

It’s a building inspection that also checks for pests. It is a critical analysis you should organise prior to buying a property. The building inspector will check the structure of the roof, walls, floors, fences and any adjoining buildings, look for things such as cracks, faults, asbestos and movement They give you a clear advantage during the decision making process. Inspections identify any areas that need to be fixed or repaired on a house, apartment or commercial building. You can then choose to rectify issues prior to the sale or after you purchase. The inspection will cover both structural issues and also determine any signs of pest activity during the pest inspection. Pests include termites, wood borers and other wood-destroying insects.

Our Building Inspectors

Two experts for twice the certainty. Every inspection is performed by two highly trained inspectors. Sometimes your inspector will be licensed for both inspections. Providing a professional and friendly service, delivering independent property reports that are easy to follow. Our licensed building inspectors are fully licensed by the NSW EPA. Inspections are covered by Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance cover. So get the best inspectors on the job. It will give you the power to negotiate the best price when buying.

The Equipment We Use

  • Thermal Imaging Cameras – Capture heat given off from wood boring insects.
  • Boroscopes – Optical device enabling internal examinations of buildings.
  • Moisture Meters – Detects moisture content levels inside the buildings structure.

Building Inspection Cost?

Building Inspection Cost?

Building Inspection prices depend on the size or the property and the type of inspection. Read the latest building and pest costs below.

  • Units and Apartments (100sq meters) Prices start from $380 (incl. GST)
  • House (3 Bedroom + 1 Bathroom) Prices start from $400 (incl. GST)
  • House (4 Bedroom + 2 Bathroom) Prices start from $420 (incl. GST)

Building Inspections Include: 

  • Structural Issues – Movement or cracking, deformation, dampness, timber pest damage
  • Structural Damage –  Roof plumbing and flashing, plumbing defects, defective damp proof course and membranes, building material corrosion, sub floor ventilation problems
  • Signs of Timber Pests – Fungal decay, subterranean termites, wood borers, chemical delignification, rre exising termites management.
  • Timber Pest Attack including –  Excessive moisture, untreated timber, breaching of the termite barriers

Other areas for concern include incomplete renovations or construction causing safety hazards.

We’ll provide advice on termite prevention and management so you are equipped with the right information to protect your property. Easy to ready reports are back within 24 hours (Urgent reports available upon request).

Types of Inspection Services

Inspection Services Sydney

Building and Pest Inspection Services

Building and pest inspections are useful in the pre-purchase stage of the house, but also for existing properties. A professional inspector from Pro Pest Control will offer you building and pest inspection reports in Sydney so that you can find potential problems with the structure. If there are any pests that may damage the structure, the reports will show.

Building Inspection Services

Building inspections have the purpose of identifying any potential issues that a property may have. They will identify defects and areas of concern, so that homeowners may take an informed decision. The report will include information on structural damage that the building had taken, along with the conditions that led to this damage.

Asbestos Inspection Services

Asbestos inspections will determine whether there are traces of asbestos in the house or not. Samples taken throughout the inspection will determine if the structure has an asbestos problem. The full reports will contain information about the location of the asbestos, the conditions, and the potential management strategies for the condition.

Dilapidation Inspection Services

A dilapidation inspection is conducted to see the condition of a structure at a certain point in time. It offers a full report of the property condition, offering pictures and reports of existent damage. Dilapidation inspection will also include potential issues that may arise after renovation (i.e., excavation or construction work).

Handover Inspection Services

Handover inspections are building inspection reports that buyers receive about a newly constructed home. The inspection is conducted before the homeowner takes possession of the new house, but only after the constructions have been finalised.

After Building & Pest Inspection

After the inspection, you will receive a full list of potential defects of the property, along with their urgency. At Pro Pest Control Sydney, we provide reports that are very easy to follow and are open for follow-up questions if you are not certain. Here are some tips we advise you to follow once you get your report:

  • Consult a qualified inspector whenever you have doubts. At Pro Pest Control Sydney, every inspector on our team will be sure to be of service to you.
  • If the inspection resulted in multiple defects identified, hire the service of a professional renovator or service in Sydney. We offer you our services in Sydney to ensure your home is in peak shape.
  • Keep in mind that the inspector doesn’t fail or pass a property. All our inspectors will do is tell you what the defects are – current or potential future defects.
  • Inspectors may not know the price for potential renovations. While they are trained to find the defects, they might not know the magnitude of the repairs.

In the end, it is up to you to determine what your next steps would be. Pro Pest Control Sydney will offer the information, along with potential advice after the inspection. Bear in mind that every home we inspect might have a certain degree of flaws, but it should not necessarily prevent you from making a purchase. Our inspections will write out the facts, and you’ll just make your decision.

Building Inspection Reviews

Building Inspection Reviews

Affordable Price

We recently had our house treated for a termite infestation. The wood in the house kept getting weaker and weaker, and it felt too soon for it to naturally just weaken like that. We suspected a termite infestation, but weren’t completely certain, and couldn’t find their nest. We contacted Pro Pest Control Sydney, and shortly, they sent an inspector our way. Naturally, they found the source of the infestation and assessed the damage that they did. It spread quite a lot by the time I asked for their help, but at least I could save the rest. It would have probably been worse if I didn’t contact them.

Lisa Durrack – Northern Beaches

Very Quick Responses

Great response time! I requested a building inspection before buying my new home, to make sure everything is nice and in order. These guys didn’t make me wait and gave me a full report on the condition of the house.

Ashley – Sydney CBD

Best building and pest inspectors in Sydney

I used them a couple of times for regular pest inspections. Cockroaches would occasionally appear in my field of vision, and these guys gave me a full report of the situation. Apparently, I was dealing with more than an escaped cockroach here and there; there was a full swarm of them. Thankfully, the inspector told me the exact length of the problem, and I managed to control it before it was too late.

Joseph – Western Sydney

Friendly and Reliable

Very quick response, considering how last-minute I contacted them. They came in on the same day and did a thorough search on my new home, finding some defects that I would have normally missed. I got a better price for the house this way. Thanks, and would recommend Pro Pest Control Sydney.

Carrie – Manly

Trained and Experienced

The inspector from Pro Pest Control Sydney was really friendly and helpful throughout the inspection. He answered any question that we had and gave us a full report of the state of the house. He also made his service available for any follow-up questions that I may have had, offering me advice on what to do next. Overall, I appreciated the professionalism and their report helped me in taking the next steps.

Christian – South West Sydney

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

FAQ about Building and Pest Inspection

Do I need to be at home for the inspection?

Someone must be at home in order to offer access to the inspector, but you don’t necessarily have to be present after that. If you have business in Sydney, you can leave while our service professionals are conducting the inspection.

Are all your inspectors licenced?

Every professional doing inspection for Pro Pest Control Sydney is fully licensed. All of them have been working in the field for many years.

How long do building and pest inspections take?

In most circumstances, it depends on the size of the building. Our Sydney property inspections typically take 1-2 hours.

When do I get my report?

While you may ask questions in regard to the inspection at the end, you will only receive your report later on. At Pro Pest Control Sydney, we deliver the reports within 24 hours.

What equipment does your service use?

Every inspector working for our service will have a torch, a ladder, a thermal sensor, and a moisture meter. Bear in mind that the moisture meter is used when the inspector identifies moisture evidence, and the thermal sensor when they find evidence of pests (i.e., rat droppings).

My postcode is farther than your area. Can I still use your service?

Mainly, we offer our services throughout the city and suburbs of Sydney, but even if you live slightly farther, we can still help you. Contact us at Pest Control Sydney and we’ll set up a price for the service based on the distance.

Do your inspections include the roof and the loft?

As long as our service professionals have access, we will also check the loft and your room during our inspection. This way, we will make sure that you receive the best value for the price.

Can I attend the actual inspection process?

You can be home during the property inspections, but we recommend you allow the inspector to do their job unhindered. If you have any questions for them, you might want to save them until the end.

Do I need to arrange anything beforehand?

It is recommended that you arrange the property so that it can be accessible for inspections before our service professionals arrive. This should help save time and money, allowing the service to run smoothly.

Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

Pro Pest Control Sydney comes with a variety of advantages. By giving us a call, you may reap the following benefits:

1. Fully Equipped Staff

Very often, a potential pest infestation is not obvious to the naked eye. For example, a humid space might have a full potential to attract a pest infestation. This is why every inspector from our service is fully equipped with tools such as moisture meters or thermal imaging units to catch what the naked eye cannot see.

2. Licenced Professionals

Certain skills are required in order to fully function as a building inspector and pest controller. This is why our inspectors are fully licensed and registered, ensuring that they are trained for this service. You can rest assured that the people coming to do an inspection have enough experience and know exactly what they are doing.

3. Smooth Communication

Once you book our services, you will be connected immediately with an inspector who will undergo pest inspection. Every inspector on our team is polite, understanding, and attentive, and they will plan out the inspections so that everything is convenient for you. Throughout the inspection process, this inspector will be the only point of contact you’ll need, which will make the inspection easy to undergo.

4. Low Prices

At Pro Pest Control Sydney, we have the most attractive prices for pest control and building inspection. We regularly check our prices, to ensure that our clients get the best deal for the services they receive.

More Reasons To Choose Us

  • Fully Qualified Inspectors
  • Same Day Reports & Fast Turnaround
  • Public Liability Insured
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Professional Advice
  • Affordable Prices
  • Friendly Customer Service
  • FREE Thermal Imaging

Service Locations

  • CBD Sydney and Central Suburbs
  • Sydney Inner City
  • Sutherland Shire
  • Hills District
  • Northern Beaches & North Shore
  • Inner West & Western Suburbs
  • Southern Suburbs

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