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Do you have a bed bug problem? Pro Pest Control Sydney provides treatments to eradicate bed bugs for good.

Bed bugs (bedbugs) are common in Sydney. They are notoriously hard to remove with a single bed bug treatment visit. That’s why bed bug control technicians will recommmend a follow up visit. A successful bed bug elimination program includes multiple visits to your Sydney home.

Our trained pest controllers can remove bed bugs from houses or commercial properties.

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What are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs (bedbugs) are small insects with oval bodies that are notorious for sucking blood from humans and other warm-blooded animals. They don’t fly, and most adult bed bugs range between 5mm and 7mm in length. These pests are famous for their ability to adapt to any environment in the home, and they can also cause extensive damage.

Interestingly enough, while they are named “bed bugs,” they actually live just about anywhere. These bugs also need their blood meal to thrive. Bed bugs have been affiliated with humans for thousands of years, and they easily “hitch hike” and travel across great distances. They can latch onto suitcases, clothes, and other materials to move easily.

The Australian Environmental Pest Manager’s Association developed the Bed Bug Code of Practice to guide efforts to control these pests.

Types of Bed Bugs

Types of Bed Bugs

Common Bed Bugs

Known as Cimex lectularius (Cimicidae), common bed bugs are the most rampant species of these insects, they’ve been increasing for decades, and they currently occupy every continent.

Common bed bugs look very much like the regular apple seed. They’re round on one end and pointed at the other. They also come in a dark brown color, and their flat shape helps them to easily fit into cracks. These bugs also have hairs, which you can see if you look closely at them.

With the common bed bugs, you get insects with six legs – four pointing backward and two coming straight out. They prefer to stay in enclosed, dark spaces – cracks in the walls, floorboards, and under a mattress.

Tropical Bed Bugs

Also known as Cimex hemipterus, these bugs are very similar to the common ones. But, the difference is that they prefer to stay in warmer, tropical climates.

The tropical bed bugs are also flat and brown and rounded. They leave the same traces as the common bed bugs, and they also love to stay in enclosed spaces. So, you can find them under mattresses and in other dark spots.

Swallow Bugs

Also known as Oeciacus vicarius (or Oeciacus hirundinis), swallow bugs are unique in that they don’t feed on people.

These bugs look similar to other bed bug types. But, they have longer hairs on the outermost parts of their shells. Besides that, they’re the same shape and color.

Instead of people, swallow bugs feed on birds. They especially feed on swallows, which have their own nests. They love swallow nests for their darkness and warmth, and they can easily access food. Swallow birds can easily live in a nest for a year without eating.

The Dangers of Bed bugs

Amongst the pests that can invade your home, bed bugs are one of the most dangerous. Interestingly, they don’t cause any structural damage or feed on your wooden fixtures like termites. But, their health implications are quite extensive.

For one, bed bugs do bite. They need to feed on your blood, so they can indeed bite you. When a bed bug bites, you could develop an allergic reaction. Some allergic reactions include dizziness, swollen skin, chest aches, and even anaphylactic shock.

A bed bug infestation can also lead to sleep deprivation and stress, and excessive scratching from contact with these bugs can cause infections. Bed bugs stay in the house unless you get them treated. We recommend using a professional extermination to ensure 100% elimination.

Signs of a Bed Bug Infestation

One of the easiest signs of a bed bug infestation is scratches. If you wake up and find that you have itches in areas where you didn’t have before going to sleep, that might be a clue of infestation.

Other signs include blood stains on your pillowcase and sheets, bed bug excrements on your mattress, and an offensive odor coming from the sheets that you know isn’t yours.

You should keep in mind that the bugs might not necessarily be in your bed. So, if you suspect an infestation, check around the bed as well. Look in your carpet, check around books, and even look in your closet. If you are unsure book your local pesty to get an expert opinion.

Bed Bug Control Tips

Bed Bug Control Tips

  • Clean up your house and try to reduce the number of hiding places they have.
  • Wash your bed sheets and make sure to dry it thoroughly.
  • The same goes for your clothes, blankets and other bedding
  • Dissasemble Bed Frame – Bed frames must be treated
  • Thoroughly vacuum your upholstery, floors, carpets, and more.
  • Inspect your room for signs of bed bugs when you travel.
  • Check your luggage closely as you unpack when you return home from travel. Check it outside if this is feasible.
  • Avoid bringing secondhand upholstered furniture into your home.
  • Cover your mattress with a cover that is designed to be impermeable to bed bugs.

Bed bug infestations can be overwhelming.

Don’t hesitate to call professional Sydney bed bug pest control experts for help.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Is there a way to instantly kill bed bugs?

We will recommend high-heat treatments. But, you need to be very careful with this or just call a professional service.

How do I find bed bugs on a mattress?

Since they’re small, bed bugs can be difficult to spot. But, you can look out for their wings or fecal matter.

What do I do if I find bed bugs?

We recommend calling a professional treatment or extermination service immediately.

How do I prepare for bed bug extermination?

It’s important to declutter your home first. Clean your fabrics and cover your electronics, then move your furnishings from the wall.

Does bed bug heat treatment damage electronics?

We will recommend that you take electronics out before bed bug treatment commences. This is a safety precaution.

How much does bed bug treatment cost?

Given the complexity of bedbug infestations, you can find that treating them will cost anywhere between $300 and $1,000 per room. In some instances, it could even be higher.

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