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Professional Termite Inspections in Sydney

Termite Inspection Sydney

Termite inspections are important for any property owner in Sydney. Pro Pest Control Sydney provides effective and affordable termite inspection services for homeowners. Termites (white ants) are a serious threat to all houses throughout Sydney. Without early detection, termite colonies can cause millions of dollars in damage to timber framed homes. They can also damage the structural integrity of your building. They can destroy support beams, load-bearing walls, roof supports and ceiling joists. Don’t risk your most valuable asset to termite attack.  Our termite inspection service finds any pest activity and keep your home protected all year round. We can detect early signs of termite infestation and advise on the best treatment and prevention methods.  Regular inspections are the only way to keep your property termite-free.

We recommend annual inspections every 12 months if you have a timber frame building. We uncover any hidden problems and leave no area for the termites to hide. Save yourself from expensive repair bills by using you yearly service. A termite inspection will be one of the best investments you can make. If you have any questions just call the team of Pro Pest Control Sydney we would be happy to answer them for you.

We also perform a free pest inspection looking for ants, spiders and cockroaches with every termite inspection booking.

We also provide easy to follow preventative steps to avoid attracting them in the future.

Call the termite inspection and treatment professionals today.

How long do termite inspections take?

Our inspections will normally take between 1-2 hours which includes the free pest inspection.

How much does an termite inspection cost?

  • 1 and 2 Bedroom House or Units – $220
  • 3 Bedroom House or Apartment – $240
  • 4 or 5 Bedroom House – $260
  • 5+ Bedroom House – $280

Areas We Inspect

We’ll  inspect all accessible areas of the house and perimeter of the building. The inspection covers all internal and external parts of the building structure. The inspector will be looking previous damage and potential risk factors for future infestation. We will also locate any subterranean termite nests underground. They build their nests in warm moist soil which is ideal for their survival. If necessary the inspector will provide recommedations to prevent attracting termites to your property. We will also look for delignification of timber during your inspection.

The areas we inspect during a routine termite inspection include the following.


We inspect inside walls, ceilings, sub floors, roof void, ventilation, skylights, timber cabinets, architraves, door jambs and all cracks and crevices.


Under house, landscaping, dead trees, tree stumps, soil, garden beds, roofing battens, beams and trusses, any vents and skylights, down piping and gutters.

Termite Inspection Reports

All termite inspections are accompanied by a detailed report which outlines all findings and recommendations. It wil also include our recommendqtions for management including termite barriers or bait systems. The termite inspection report is written inline with the Australian Standards and includes the following:

  • Detects current active termites and white ant threat. This includes identifying the termite species.
  • Signs of previous actvity and extent of the damage caused.
  • Identify specific species of infesting your home.
  • The overall state of the property and the risk factors that may favor termite infestations.
  • Check for building defects in walls and timbers
  • These include leaking pipes and plumbing, exposed timber
  • Recommendation on the best method to prevent attacks in the future.
  • Comprehensive Termite Management Plan for your Property
  • Tips on preventing termites on your property. These could inlcude fix leaking taps and plumbing, improve subfloor ventilation, fix leaking roofs and rising damp and structural issues.
  • The current state and year of installation of any current termite protection system; if any.
  • The history of treatment at the property.
  • It will also come with a quote for future control and managemnt if required.
  • We will also look for other pests such as rats, possums, spiders and cockroaches.
  • Any additional recommendations will also be highlighted


Termite Inspection from $180

Termite inspection Equipment We Use

With all termite inspections we use the latest thermal imaging equipment to effectively locate and assess any damage and the existence of a termite colony.

Termatrac T3i

Of all the termite detection devices, this is the most comprehensive tool in the pest control industry. It incorporates Termite Detection Radar, Remote thermal sensor and moisture sensors. It also has a reporting feature for ease of client report generation which includes Data Storage, Analysis and Presentation features. One of the major advantages of Termatrac T3i is that it is non-intrusive. That means it doesn’t interfere with the physical appearance of your home. No wall, ceilings or floor penetration.

This device can detect termite activity in inaccessible areas of your home. It is widely considerred as one of the most sophisticated detection devices in the pest control industry.

Moisture meters

Designed to read moisture levels during a termite inspection. There are two categories of moisture meters used by pest exterminators. The pin-less and pin type. The pin-less moisture meters scan the general surface using radio frequencies to check the presence of internal moisture. They are useful when inspecting impenetrable surfaces.

Thermal imaging camera

Largely, infrared thermal imaging cameras are used to detect faults in buildings.  Both living and nonliving things give out infrared heat. Initially, this principle was used by military personnel in surveillance missions. The best example of modern devices using this technology are binoculars, night viewing, and measuring devices.  

Listening Devices

Due to vibrations and movement when rubbing their mandibles together, termites produce noise in the timber. Acoustic emission devices amplify this noise to establish the presence or absence of termites. However, wall covering and background noise can affect the efficiency of this tool. Noise detection can only extend as far as 80cm along the surface and less than 10cm across. Not commonly used in the industry anymore.

Donger or Termite Tapper

Used to tap and run along exposed timber. When it reaches infested wood the tapping tone changes.

Signs of Infestations

The most common signs found during an inspection are bubbling or cracked paint or plaster, damaged skirting boards, window sills and door frames. Other signs of infestation include:

  • Sagging floors and floorboards
  • Termite mud packing or mudding
  • Mud shelter tubes in foundation walls, architraves, brick foundations. Used for protection and a sign of white ants.
  • Hollow sounding timber – Tap on it and listen for a difference in sound
  • Noise. If disturbed soldier termites create rattling noises by hitting their heads against the walls of their tunnels. This is called “head banging”.
  • Piles of frass around the house

If your area is prone to attack we may recommend a regular termite inspection.


What if we find termite activity? If we find termites in your property during a routine termite inspection first we will investigate the severity of the infestation.

Active Termite Treatments

If we locate active termites we recommendation termite treatment to destroy and kill the colony. We kill the colony by spraying termiticide directly infested areas. We will spray and treat infested areas thoroughly until we’re satisfied we have eliminated the colony. Soil treatments are the most effective ways to control live colonies.

Chemical Barriers

One of the best termite management systems to protect your property is a chemical termite barrier system. Installation takes around 4-6 hours and  involves digging and trenching around the perimeter of your property. We then spray liquid termiticide into the trenches and fill it back in. We use and recommend Termidor for all chemical treatments.

Baiting Systems

For the most environmentally friendly way of protecting your home is installing a termite baiting system. The “bait stations” are installed at 3 meter intervals around your property and monitored throughout the year.

Reticulation Systems

The Termite Reticulation System provides a chemical barrier also called a chemically treated zone around the perimeter of the home or building. Professional pest control experts will install a strong but flexible hose that acts as a pipe system. The pipe is filled with termiticide whiuch then slowly releases into the soil via small holes at 200mm intervals. This acts as a protective system to prevent future problems.

Slab Sprays

To ensure your slab is protected we spray a protective chemical barrier around it. It acts as a shield between termites and the concrete slab. The termitcide treatment can be sprayed directly around the slab, applied through rods or holes drilled into the slab.

Interesting Facts

  • Approximately 1 in 4 homes will be attacked by termites in Sydney
  • Homeowners insurance does not protect you from damage caused by termites
  • Damage and repair bills are more expensive than preventative treatment
  • Annual inspections are a smart investment for any property owner


Fantastic job by Mark. Very friendly and easy to deal with. We had a inspection and barrier installed and really happy with the results.

Chris Hayes, Manly

We get our annual termite inspection at the start of every year. Never any hassles and they offer a great service at reasonable rates. Highly recommend Pro Pest Control Sydney.

Sally Wilson, Parramatta

Great Sydney termite inspection company! Always on time and super friendly. Highly rated thank you so much.

Sevine Brando, Blacktown

They found termites in our garden. Very impressed.


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We also offer a range of other pest control services including cockroach removal, Definitely recommend.


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