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Pest Control Hills District

The technicians at Pro Pest Control Sydney provide the affordable solutons to exterminate pests in the Hills District. We cover the entire Hills District, formerly known as Baulkham Hills Shire. If you have an pest infestation or outbreak in your home then call our team to make an appointment today. Our pest control team are fully lciensed and qualified in pest management and the use of pesticides. From spraying small single bedroom apartments to a complete termite inspection of a school or shoping centre, we can help.

With over 20 yrs experience in pest control, we offer professional and reliable services you can count on. Pests we treat include rats and mice, silverfish, cockroaches, ants, termites, bed bugs and ticks. No job is too big or too small. Get in touch with our team today to talk about your requirements. Our trained pest control professionals are ready to help you.

Pests We Remove

We offer safe pest control methods in the Hills District for rodents, all cockroach species, spiders, silverfish, fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and even bedbugs. Our termite services include annual inspections and termite management to protect your home from infestations.

Residential Pest Control

Many homes in Hills District face pest problems. Some deal with pests such as termites or silverfish, whereas others are dealing with pest control problems including termites, rats, and cockroaches. Protecting your family from all these types of unwanted pests is essential, which is why you need to be thorough about your pest control treatment.

Residential pest control needs to be applied every few months, using treatments that will not only kill the pest but also control and prevent its future appearance. This will keep you safe from any potential health hazards or discomfort that a pest infestation will often bring. At Pro Pest Control Sydney, we have the means necessary to ensure that your home stays clear of pests, using solutions that will not only kill or remove them but also prevent them from coming back.

Commercial Pest Control

Commercial buildings tend to attract a high number of pests such as roaches and rats, due to the high traffic and multiple open doors. Depending on the environment, they also make the perfect meal spot for pests. From leftover foods to cardboard storage boxes and potential damp areas, pests are very likely to damage your business. Without proper pest control, not only can this turn into a health hazard, but it can also compromise your property.

Moreover, if the clients see that you have a pest problem, they will no longer opt for your services. This is why you need regular pest control, especially if you want your Hills District business to be successful. At Pro Pest Control Sydney, we can take care of any pest infestation that might affect your business, eliminating a current infestation and incorporating preventive pest control.

Cockroach Control

Hills District, Sydney has its fair share of pest control problems, a cockroach infestation being one of the most common. A variety of cockroaches can be found there, from the native Australian cockroach to the German cockroach and the Oriental Cockroach. Cockroaches carry a wide variety of diseases and contaminate everything they step over – from the food to the surfaces.

Since they are a health hazard, cockroach control is a type of pest control that you may not want to skip. At Pro Pest Control Sydney, we can offer you our pest control treatments to keep cockroaches away. From removing a current infestation to setting up roach traps and other pest control techniques, we may help you get rid of your pest control problem.

Termite Baiting Systems

Termite baiting systems will not only make you aware of a current termite infestation but will also prevent a pest control problem from growing bigger. Baiting systems are cartridges containing cellulose material, but to which termite poison was also added. The termite will be attracted to the cellulose and will consume it, which will eventually cause its death.

With that in mind, the poison will not take effect immediately. Thus, until it does its thing, the termite will carry the poison to its colony. So, at Pro Pest Control Sydney, we can help residents of Hills District set up termite baiting systems, preventing a full-scale infestation.

Termite Inspections

A small termite problem might go out of hand very fast. A termite colony might grow out of proportion in just a few days, meaning that you may have an infestation on your hands before you even know it. This is why termite inspections are necessary if you wish to keep a potential pest control problem from getting worse.

At Pro Pest Control Sydney, we will search for potential signs of a termite control problem in your Hills District residence, but we will also look at the general environment. We will inspect potential areas where a termite colony might make its home, advising you on how to make matters less habitable for it.

Termite Barriers

An establishment that is prone to termite invasion will almost always attract the pests again unless you take preventive measures. Termite barriers are very efficient at repelling termites and killing those that dare to get past the barrier. This way, you can prevent an infestation and further damage to your home before it even begins to spread.

At Pro Pest Control Sydney, we have all the means necessary to help protect Hills District residents from a potential termite invasion. After removing the termites from the premises, we will put a termite barrier in place as well, to protect your home in the long run.

Termite Treatment

If you are a homeowner having annual termite inspections is important. Finding termite damage early allows you to protect your property. One of the best ways to offer added protectio is installing a termite barrier or monitored baitig program. Contact us to find out more about pest control for termites and keep your property protected.

  • Sentricon
  • Exterra baits
  • Termidor
  • Biflex
  • Exterra
  • Nemesis
  • HomeGuard
  • Kordon


Why Choose Us

  • Licensed, Trained and Qualified Pest Control Technicians
  • Over 20 Years Combined Experience
  • Our technicians hold public liability insurance.
  • 12 Month Warranty on Residential Pest Control
  • AEPMA Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association member
  • Termidor Accredited Applicator
  • Termite Inspections for Homeowners Using Thermal Imaging
  • End Of Lease Flea Treatments
  • We Gaurantee Your Satisfaction
  • Affordable Pest Control in Hills District
  • Gauaranteed To Beat Any Written Quote

Services Include

  • Pest Control For Houses and Apartments
  • Pest Management for Restaurants and Offices
  • 2 Hour Termite Inspection Reports
  • German Cockroach Treatments
  • Black Ant Control
  • Rodent Removals
  • Redback Spider Removal
  • Termite Protection
  • Termite Barriers and Bait Monitoring
  • Post Construction and Pre Construction


The suburbs we provide pest control services in the Hills District include the following.

Hills District surrounding suburbs are Annangrove and Bella Vista, Baulkham Hills, Beaumont Hills, Box Hill, Castle Hill, Carlingford, Cherrybrook, Dural, Galston, Glenhaven, Glenorie and Kellyville. Suburbs also include Kenthurst, Kings Langley, Laughtondale, Lower Portland, Leets Vale, Maroota, Maraylya, Middle Dural, Nelson, North Parramatta, North Rocks, Northmead, Oatlands, Rouse Hill, South Maroota, Sackville North, West Pennant Hills and Winston Hills in NSW.

Customer Reviews

Professional and Effective Pest Control

Pro Pest Control was reliable, professional, and efficient. The pest control treatment I received from them lasted for more than 6 months – even more than I expected. I will definitely use them again.

James Morrison – Hills District

Cockroach Control Experts

I hired Pro Pest Control Sydney about two months ago for a cockroach control problem. They came to Hills District, removed the cockroaches that were currently in my house, and then applied their long-term treatment along with some roach traps. I haven’t seen a crawler in my home ever since then. When the treatment wears off, I will call them again, and I would definitely recommend them to anyone in need of pest control!

Mason Burrows – Baulkham Hills

Efficient and Friendly

Pro Pest Control did great to catch onto a termite infestation that would have later on become a big problem. After treating my house, they also installed a barrier to prevent a future infestation.

Chloe Fossey – Kellyville

Professional and Gave Great Advice

Called them on Wednesday, and they booked me for Thursday. They have a quick response time, and they did a great job at getting rid of the pests in my home.

Adam Hargraves –

Keeping My Business Pest Free

Owning and managing a bakery in Hills District, I always need to make sure that my place is free of pests. After all, nothing drives people away faster than a roach crawling around the floor. I regularly call Pro Pest Control Sydney every few months, and I haven’t seen any signs of a pest infestation so far. They’re definitely good at what they do

Zoey Slacks – Baulkham Hills

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