How long Does Pest Control Last?

Find Out How Often You Need Pest Control

Learn How long Do Pest Control Applications Really Last?

Have you ever asked yourself how long pest control treatments last?

Looking for a quick answer? Typically a standard pest treatment will last from 3 to 6 months, sometimes longer.

Whether it’s a buzzing mosquito or an unwanted rat, pests are a source of all kinds of problems.

Pest control is designed to keep those pests away, but just like anything else, the effectiveness doesn’t last forever.

So how often should you get your house sprayed by a professional pest control technician?

Do you even need pest treatment for you property at all?

Well there are certain benefits of pest control but how often do you really need to do it?

The answer depends on several factors that we’ll look at below.

1. Wher Is Your Property located?

As they say in real estate – location, location, location! Not only does it matter for property values but also pests control.

You see, some areas are simply more prone to infestations due to weather conditions or nearby vegetation. So if your area is known as bug central, then be prepared for more frequent visits from the exterminator. So you may need more frequent visits to eliinate stubborn problems.

However, if your home is isolated, where very few animals naturally live, chances are fewer treatments will be necessary.

2. How Old Is It?

Another factor that comes into play when determining how long pest control measures last is the age of your property.

If your home is relatively new—under five years old—then it likely has fewer places for pests to hide.

Plus they are designed with easy access in mind. So treatment in areas where pests hide is easier and more effective.

On the other hand, older homes might require more frequent visits. As they have multiple nooks and crannies where pests can enter unnoticed.

3. What Is The Type Of Pest?

The most common pests and their typical efficiency are below.

For Rodents

When it comes to rodents, the duration and efficiency of a pest control method will depend on the type of rodenticide being used. Plushow diligent you (or your professional pest controller) are with reapplying treatments. Generally, rodenticides can be effective for up to six months before needing reapplied.

But if you’re dealing with a particularly stubborn infestation, shorter intervals may be necessary.

For Termites

When it comes to termites, termiticides designed for long-term protection. Uusually termite treatment provide an effective chemcial barrier against new infestations from one year up to three years.

These multi-year products require only one or two applications in that time frame. They are a good choice toward ensuring your home remains free from termite damage.

In some cases companies like Termidor offer customers a 8 year warranty. But it comes with some caveats. Like getting a termite inspection every 6-12 months.

For Fleas

In the case of fleas, upon application of insecticides flea levels should go down within 24 hours and produce full elimination by day seven.

For Bed Bugs

For bed bugs, however, insecticides alone may not always be enough. This is why multiple rounds of bed bug treatment spaced out over several weeks are often required to fully get rid of them.

For Cockroaches, Ants and Spiders

Pesticide applications every four weeks can help keep crawling insects under control. Once the infestation is controlled, frequency can be 3-6 months.  For spiders, dusts containing insecticides should suffice after being applied both inside and outside areas frequented by spiders and their webs.

How often should I spray for ants?


How often should I get sprayed for an ant infestation?

Generally, it’s a good idea to get your home treated for ants once a year. However, if you notice an increase in ant activity or you have known ant problems in your area, you might want to bump it up to twice a year.

How often should I spray for cockroaches?

Cockroaches are resilient pests that we all wish would just disappear. To keep them at bay, pest control professionals recommend getting treatments every 3-4 months.

How long does pest control last?

Generally, residential pest control treatments can last anywhere from three months up to a year. It depends on the the type of treatment and how often they are applied. For commercial pest management treatments are normally required more frequently.

How often do you need pest control?

The frequency of treatment will depend on several factors including the location of your property, age of your property, and type of pest you’re dealing with. Sometimes a single treatment will last a year or more, while multiple visits may be required for existing infestations.

How long will pest control take?

Treatments will generally take between 30 minutes and an hour depending on the size of the area being treated and the number of pests being targeted.

How long is a pest control warranty?

A warranty typically lasts 6 months to one year and may vary in length depending on the pest control company issuing it.

How much does pest control cost?

As for the cost of pest control services generally range from $200-$400 but may vary based on individual situations.


The bottom line is that the answer to “how long does pest control last?” will vary depending on all these factors and more.

If you are unsure contact your nearest pest control expert and ask for advice.

Instead of waiting until there’s a problem, it’s better to be proactive and get your home treated routinely for peace of mind.