Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to the most common questions we receive.

What is pest control?

Pest control is the regulation of pests to prevent risks to property, environmental and your health. In laymans terms – Pest control is a service that helps people remove pest problems with insects and bugs in and around their homes. It involves applying treatments to certain areas to stop them from getting worse. Plus prevent them from returning.

What types of pests does your company treat?

We specialise in treating a wide variety of common household pests, from rodents and insects to spiders, cockroaches, ants and stinging pests. We also provide treatments for birds, termites, wildlife removal, snake and possum removal and more.

How often do I need pest treatment?

We recommend treatment every 12 months.

Do I need to prepare anything before you arrive?

No you don’t need to, we’ll handle everything on the day.

How much does pest control cost?

Prices start from just $240. To learn more visit the prices page.

Are your technicians licensed and insured?

Yes! We ensure that all of our technicians are properly licensed, certified, insured, and up to date on the latest pest control techniques. You can learn more about our company here.

Can I stay on the property while you are working?

Basically, it depends with what kind of treatment we are undertaking. We will always tell you whether we require that you leave the property.

Does your company use eco-friendly or chemical treatments?

We use both eco-friendly methods as well as traditional chemical pesticides and insecticides depending on the type and severity of infestation.

Is the treatment safe for pets and children?

Treatments are safe for children and pets. However, it is important that you tell us if you have pets that have unusual sensitivity to chemicals.

Do you use natural pest control products?

Yes. We offer natural alternatives for pest control when requested by customers. These treatments can include natural oils, citrus-based sprays and baits, and other solutions.

Is There an Ideal Time of Year for Pest Control Treatments?

Yes! The best time to have treatment is in the spring. It’s important to ensure you tackle the problem before it gets out of control and spreads across your property during the warmer summer months.

What is a pest inspection?

A pest inspection is performed by a licensed pest inspector. It includes a complete visual inspection of all accessible areas of your property. They will also use tools such as moisture meters, thermal imaging cameras. The inspection will identify any presence of all types of common pests.

Why would I need an inspection?

If you are buying a property having an inspection is essential. They can identify any problems areas and let you know prior to purchasing.

How often should I schedule a pest inspection?

We recommend scheduling an annual or bi-annual inspection in order to better diagnose any potential infestation before it gets out of hand.

Do I need to prepare my home prior to a pest inspection?

We typically recommend minimal preparation before an inspection. Such as vacuuming carpets and removing pet toys/items which could be concealing potential nests or food sources. Plus it makes it easier for our technicians to move around your property.

Am I at risk of having termites?

If your home has timber and you’ve never had treatment preivously you could be at risk.

What do termites look like?

Termites are insects measuring about one-eighth of an inch to an inch long. They can have a white, brown, or black color.

How do you treat termites?

We use a combination of spraying, baiting and chemical barriers to treat termite infestations and protect from future attacks. The chemical we use is called a “termiticide”. It is specifically formulated to target white ants. It can also be used on others pests too.

How can I prevent termites?

One way is to ensure there is no wood to soil contact. Additionally, you can get an expert inspect your home and recommend, or carry out termite prevention measures.

Can You Help With Bed Bugs?

Yes, we can certainly help you with bed bug problems! Our team of pest removal professionals are experts in getting rid of pesky bed bugs. We use a variety of treatments including insecticides and heat treatments.

Can your company help with exclusion services?

Yes. We offer exclusion services to address potential points of entry for common pests, such as rodents, and birds. These types of physical controls helps to prevent any future infestations or re-infestation after treatment.

How long is your waranty?

Our standard warranty is for 6 months. This includes ants, cockroaches and non webbing spiders. Plesae note existing infestations may not include a warranty as they may require multiple visits.

How long does an average pest treatment last?

A: The duration of treatment depends on the type and severity of infestation. However, typically most treatments can last up to three to six months. In some cases we will offer an extended warranty of up to 12 months. For most commercial properties, we reommend follow-up maintenance visits scheduled every two months.

Will Pest Control Make the Problem Worse Initially?

It often looks like there’s an increase in activity right after the first pest control service. This is what we call “first treatment syndrome” – and it’s actually a good sign!

Why? What’s happening during this time is that our technicians have identified areas of infestation, applied treatments, and forced the pests to flee out of their hiding spot to look for another home. Hence increasing activity before they eventually die off.

So, rest assured knowing that your pest problem won’t get any worse than it was before.

How Can I Prevent Pests in the Future?

The most effective way to prevent pests from entering your home is through proactive pest control treatments coupled with good sanitation practices. This also includes sealing off any potential entry points like cracks or crevices. Removing food sources (think dog bowls full of water). And cleaning up any outdoor spaces around your house that would attract pests. Also look for leaks and fix any broken pipes or taps.

How Long Should I Stay Out of My Home After the Treatment?

The amount of time needed to stay out of your home after treatment varies depending on your specific treatment. Normally, it is recommended to wait 2-4 hours. However if you are getting a premium eco-friendly service, it is safe to be in the property during and after treatment.

Pests Seem To Be Gone, Should I Still Get A Treatment?

It’s best not to take any chances when it comes to pest control. Remember the old adage, prevention is better than cure. Book a treatment at least every 6-12 months to maintain a pest-free home.

How quickly can your team respond to my pest issue?

Our team typically responds within 24 hours after receiving a service request.

I have an emergency, how soon can someone come out to help me?

Have a pest problem you need fixed fast? We can get there ASAP! Call us now and let’s chat about your requirements.

How can I get a quote?

Yes! Getting a free estimate is simple. Fill out the “Request A Quote” form today for a free quote and professional consultation.

Do You Offer Discounts For Regular Customers Or Referrals?

Yes, absolutely! We offer loyalty discounts for repeat customers as well as referral discounts for those who refer friends or family members looking for an exterminator. Contact our friendly customer service team today or visit our Google Business Page for more information about our latest specials and promotions.

What areas do you service?

We cover these locations: Sydney CBD, Northern Beaches, Inner West, Eastern Suburbs, Sutherland Shire, Northern Shore, and Hills District.

What hours are you open?

We are open from 9:00am to 6.00pm Monday to Friday. We’re also open on Saturdays from 9am to 2pm. We work public holidays by appointment.

What are the best ways to contact your company?

We have three main ways of contact. You can call us on 02 8188 3997. Or you can use the contact us page. Alternatively send us an email to:

What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

We accept bank transfers, debit cards, Visa, MasterCard, and cash.

Please contact our team if you have another question not listed above. To email a question simply fill in the form on the home-page or phone our friendly staff on 02 8188 3997.