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We provide affordable and effective pest control for strata real estate properties in Sydney. Protecting strata buildings and complexes is part of our strata pest control services.

If you manage strata properties you have certain responsibilities. One of those is to provide tenants with a safe, clean, and healthy living environment. Another is to ensure you keep a pest-free property.

No one wants to see cockroaches or ants running around public areas of a building. You need professional pest control treatments to protect both tenants and the structural integrity of the premises. 

Our trained and licensed pest technicians specialise in treating strata properties. We currently look after many properties for body corporate and property managers. We provide effective pest control solutions for real estate agents, and property managers for multi-level apartment blocks and units. 

Our Pest Control Process

1. Inspections

We offer free assessments to identify pest problems on your property. These should be done regularly to ensure your building is free from infestations. After identifying the property type and type of pest that you are dealing with will recommend treatments.

2. Treatment

There are many methods we can utilise to treat your property. These include using baits, gels, sprays, and traps. We’ll select the most effective pest treatment and apply it throughout the strata property. 

3. Follow up treatment

We visit your property at regular intervals post-treatment. We’ll knock down all pests and protect you from future outbreaks. A regular service is necessary to ensure that the treatment was effective and your property is free from pest activity.

4. Support

In a bid to ensure that your property is safe from outbreaks, it is important to get expert advice on what methods will be effective for you.

We’re always ready to help. Call us if you have any questions.

Strata Pest Management

Common pests in Strata Properties


Cockroaches are a common pest found in residential buildings. They infest premises in search of food and water. It is vital to ensure that tenants keep their property clean, especially the kitchen areas.


Rodents such as mice and rats can cause havoc on your property. They are very destructive and they gnaw on everything they come across, be it fabric, packaged foods or plastics. It is important to keep high levels of cleanliness to counter the infestation of rodents.


Termites (also known as white ants) can cause massive destruction of property. They love cellulose, so they can lodge on furniture and cause damage to wooden surfaces around the house. 


Flies are unsightly and annoying. They infest premises in search of food and shelter. With proper feeding, flies can multiply within a very short time. It is, therefore, crucial for property managers to treat a fly infestation with urgency. 

Tips to control infestations

  1. Dispose of garbage properly. Make sure that tenants don’t leave rubbish around as it attracts pests. 
  2. Keep basements and crawl spaces clean and moisture-free.
  3. Ensure proper drainage around your property. Moisture attract pests to your property. 
  4. Keep doors and windows air-tight. Do this to ensure that there are no pest entry points.
  5. Seal all cracks and crevices around your property.


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