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As a hotel owner, you must be familiar with the Food Act which states all businesses in the food industry need to be pest-free.

Furthermore, if customers see a cockroach running across the floor, they’re likely to spread the bad news and leave you with a cash crunch.  You don’t need to wait until this happens for you to develop a pest control plan.

That’s why we exist: to help you control pests in your hotel.

Hotel Pest Control Process

1. Site survey

This is the first thing we do after you schedule a treatment. Of course, you cannot eliminate them if you don’t know the type of infestation that you are dealing with.

We do this in every room in the hotel and even in the yards. The purpose is to identify which type of pests are wreaking havoc on the hotel. The hotel workers can help by identifying areas where they have noticed signs of infestations.

2. Treatment selection

After inspection, we then find the proper ways to deal with the infestations. Different pests can be countered by different means so the solutions need to be tailor-made for the property. Hotels occupy larger spaces so effective large-scale means have to be selected. 

3. Application treatment

After choosing treatment solutions, it is now time for the main job. With all equipment and products necessary, we run riots on the pest nests.

Treatment is often done everywhere, even in areas that are yet to be affected. This process could go on for some time because they don’t just disappear at once. It can take several visits to ensure complete elimination.

4. Post-treatment inspections

We will visit your hotel from time to time after the treatment. This is necessary to carry out an inspection on the treated zones and ensure that the problem has been solved once and for all.

Pest Treatments in Hotels

Common pests in hotels


Rodents are common in hotels due to the availability of food. They can chew up mattresses and beddings.

You should install monitors to identify rodent activity before baits are used to kill them. Hotel staff need to ensure that they find and get rid of dead rats and mice to avoid foul smells. 

Bed bugs

Bed bugs are common in hotels and motels. They especially lodge on beds and beddings and can disturb a customer’s sleep.

Their bites are itchy and can end up transmitting diseases. They live in large groups so controlling them will not be a big problem for hotel owners. Customers should not be allowed to sleep in the room the night immediately after treatment. 

Flying Insects

Flies and mosquitoes are a big nuisance to your customers. To control them, insecticide sprays should be used preferably at night when they are most active. 

Importance of pest control in hotels

As a hotel owner, you already know how important it is to have effective pest control procedures done in your hotel.

You should seek these services regularly and not just when you notice the signs of an infestation. Some of the benefits that you will reap from these control procedures are:

  • Safeguard your customers’ health. The customer is the king and their comfort is always your responsibility. Pest control ensures that your customers are comfortable and don’t end up leaving with health complications caused by bugs. And this could also lead to litigation.
  • Your hotel’s reputation is important. Do not let pests destroy that. A bug sighting can destroy your reputation.
  • Pest management saves you money. Uncontrolled infestations can cause damage to property in your hotel. These can lead to serious financial problems if you had not planned for it.

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With our services, hotel owners and staff no longer have to worry about health risks and reputation assassination that comes with pest infestations.

You can now focus on growing your business instead of worrying about pests.

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