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Attention North Shore residents! We know that dealing with pests is a massive headache. Creepy-crawlies invading your personal space, causing potential harm to the health of you and your family. Not to mention the damage they do to your home in North Sydney.

That’s why Pro Pest Control in Sydney is here for you.

We hate to blow smoke, but… We offer top-notch pest control services right here in our beloved North Shore hood.

Our unique blend of eco-friendly solutions and highly trained technicians ensures a pest-free environment for your loved ones (and yes, we’re talking about the two-legged kind!).

Don’t let pests ruin another day in paradise – give us a call now on 02 8188 3997.

Or contact us for immediate assistance to get your questions answered.

Residential Pest Control – Pesky Pests No More!

So your relaxing weekend at home interrupted by an army of ants raiding your kitchen. Or worse, you can hear rats in your roof! Our residential pest control service helps keep these nightmarish scenarios at bay.

We’ll inspect every nook and cranny, identify critter hideouts, and use safe treatments to eradicate them for good. We offer a range of residential pest treatments suitable for all types of homes – from apartments, duplexes, townhouses or houses on large blocks.

Plus, we’ll share tips on keeping future invaders away. Sounds like a sweet deal, right? Protect your North Shore sanctuary today – it’s totally worth it!

Commercial Pest Management – The Key To A Happy Workspace

We understand how important it is for businesses to protect their staff and customers against issues relating to pests.

As a local business owner, we know you already have tons on your plate. You don’t need to worry about bugs running amok in your premises. That’s where our commercial pest control comes into play. By eliminating pests efficiently and discreetly so you can focus on growing (or maintaining) that fantastic empire of yours!

Whether it’s rodents scurrying around or cockroaches crawling up the walls. We’ve got you covered from floor to ceiling!

Our team formulate tailored plans based on inspection findings. This enables us to remove troublesome pests while still preserving non-target species like beneficial insects which may provide assistance in managing other pests naturally!

Improved employee morale and satisfied customers are just one call away. Get a professional pest control company to visit your commercial property today.

Bird Control – Send Them Packing with Tact

Birds often get overlooked in the pest world but who hasn’t dealt with pesky pigeons roosting on balconies or destructive mynas digging up gardens? Never fear – our bird control methods are here! We use humane solutions like spikes and netting to protect surfaces where birds might land or nest. Discouraging these feathery visitors can save you future headaches like property damage, droppings everywhere (gross!), and noise pollution from their never-ending chatter.

Termite Treatments - Protect your home from termites

Termite Barriers – Your Shield Against Wood-Destroying Monsters

Termites may be tiny, but they’re mighty when it comes to causing destruction. Especially with all things wood. Our termite barrier service is here to put an end to their wood-chomping shenanigans! We’ll target these greedy critters (Common species: Coptotermes acinaciformis) at the source. We will install a protective barrier around your home using Termidor. This invisible shield will not only keep new termites at bay but also prevent those in hiding from venturing out for dinner. Keep your structures looking great and termite-free with our effective termite control services. Oh, I nearly forgot to mention – We are officially Termidor Accredited Installers.


How much is pest control in the North Shore?

Our affordable services are tailored to each individual job – we always strive to provide you with the most cost-effective solutions for your budget. Our treatments start from $220 and even cheaper for seniors.

How long do your pest treatments last?

Our treatments come with a 3-6 month warranty. This ensures that if the problem returns, we’ll send our experienced technicians back at no additional cost. We always make sure the job is done right. And that means making sure any re-infestations are taken care of!

Are DIY pest treatments worth it?

DIY products may seem like an easy fix to tackle pests. However they often don’t last long. Our “Pros” know exactly where to look for possible trouble spots. So trust your local pest controller whenever you have a problem. You’ll end up saving time and money.

What kind of pests do you remove?

The nitty-gritty: what kind of pests can we treat? Oh, boy—where do we start? Our talented team (over 20 years experience) can get rid of ants, termites, rodents (rats & mice), spiders (shivers!), cockroaches (ick!), bed bugs (*scratches*), carpet beetles, wasps… drats!, birds and so much more. Whatever is bugging you in the North Shore area—we’re here to help exterminate those unwelcome intruders from your life.

What are do you service?

We operate throughoutLane Cove,Milsons Point,Middle Cove,Castle Cove,Northern Beaches,Linley Point,Cremorne Point,Elanora Heights,Killarney Heights,Pennant Hills,Terrey Hills,Frenchs Forest,Lavender Bay,Oxford Falls.

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Listen up, North Shore dwellers! It’s time to reclaim your pest-free paradise and show those creepy critters who’s boss!

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Don’t settle for ugly bugs crashing at your place. Treat yourself to the peace and relaxation you truly deserve.

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