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Tick Control Sydney

Ticks suck on blood all their life. Whether it’s yours or your pest, they are always on the prowl. We offer experienced and trained tick control technicians to treat your property.

Considering the danger they pose to you and your pets, it’s important that you know more about ticks. If you have a problem call the tick pest control experts to remove the threat.

Tick Pest Control Services

  • Tick Removal
  • Pest Control
  • Pest Problems
  • Tick Infestations
  • Flea Treatments
  • Termite Inspections

If you have any tick problems call your local Sydney licensed pest control company to book a service treatment.

What are Ticks?

Ticks are very small arachnids. They are tiny, and they feed on blood as a means of sustaining their complex life cycles.

Ticks have an interesting body makeup. They grow in size as they feed on more blood, and they can grow to the size of a marble when they reach their largest. When a tick has fed enough, you notice that it becomes bluish-green in color.

They bite humans and animals, and they’re particularly fond of warm areas of the body. Unlike many other bite-prone bugs, ticks can remain attached to your body after biting you. A tick can stay attached to you for up to 10 days without interruption.

Ticks also live mostly outdoors. They’re mostly found in shrubs, trees, grass, and bushy areas. You or your pet can track them and bring them indoors.

There are about 70 species of ticks in Australia. The most common are the Paralysis tick and the brown dog tick.

Types of Ticks

Types of Ticks in Sydney

Black-Legged Ticks

The black-legged tick is the most feared species in the world. It transmits different diseases, and it is generally feared for its black legs and orange body. There’s also a black scutum, which is present on the upper part of the tick’s shield.

Lone Star Ticks

The lone star tick is an interesting option. For one, it causes an allergic reaction to regular red meat. The tick is also known to be very aggressive, and it can transmit different types of diseases.

The lone star tick looks pretty much like every other type. But it is recognisable thanks to the white dot on its back. Hence, the name. They are quite common in Europe and in the eastern parts of the United States.

American Dog Tick

The American dog tick can transmit different diseases – including and especially Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Also known as wood ticks, these ones are especially active in the summer and spring months.

American dog ticks come with dark brown bodies. On the females, you should be able to find off-white portions on their shields. Some adult males might also have a mottled gray look.

Brown Dog Tick

While the black-legged species is the most feared, the brown dog tick is perhaps the most popular. As their name suggests, these arachnids prefer dogs. But, they can attach themselves to you as well.

The brown dog tick is reddish-brown, and it has a narrower shape than most others. You can find it pretty much anywhere in the world.

Other Tick Species

  • Australian Paralysis Tick

Tick Dangers

As explained, ticks suck blood from their hosts. When they bite, they can spread several parasites and bacteria to their hosts. Many people who get bitten by ticks can develop flu-like symptoms – fevers, headaches, muscle aches, etc.

You can also get some other diseases from a tick bite. These include Lyme disease, Colorado tick fever, tick typhus. You want to keep an eye out for the symptoms of these tick borne diseases. You can also have allergic reactions from a tick bites.

Signs of a Tick Infestation

To know if you have an infestation, keep an eye out for the arachnids in your house. You can generally find them on your body or on your pet. Since they need blood, they attach themselves to their hosts.

You can also keep an eye out for tick-borne illnesses. These include chills, fevers, fatigue, and body aches.

  • Tick Bites
  • Pet Tick Paralysis

Tick Control Tips

Tick Control Tips in Sydney

Thankfully, they rarely travel in groups. So, you will most likely just have a problem with one tick. To remove these arachnids, follow these steps:

  • Locate and trap it
  • If it’s on your skin, remove it gently
  • If it’s on your pet treat the animal with tick medication available from your vet
  • Try not to squeeze a tick so as to prevent the spread of its pathogen
  • Instead, dip it in some alcohol and make sure it’s dead from there
  • Buy a registered tick control product

In some rare occasions where the infestation is too much to handle, you can call a professional tick pest control company like us.


Are ticks insects?

No, they’re not. They are considered to be arachnids – the same family as spiders.

What do ticks feed on?

Ticks feed on blood. They can draw blood from any animal or human.

Can ticks fly?

No, they can’t. Plus can’t even jump. Instead, they crawl up to a vantage point and latch on to a host from there.

How long do ticks feed?

Ticks can stay attached to a host for days. Once they locate a blood-filled host, it buries its teeth in and keeps on eating.

Can my pet track ticks from outside?

Yes, it can. This is why you need to be careful when taking your pet for a walk.


Treating a tick problem can be done without spending much money. You can either buy medication for your pet from the vet. Or you can hire a trained tick control company for around $150 – $250 a visit.

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