Daycare Pest Control

Safe Pest Treatment for ChildCare & Daycare Centres

Daycare Pest Control

A safe and comfortable environment is crucial for children to grow healthy while learning.

An effective pest management strategy is important as children are vulnerable to diseases caused by pests. It’s crucial to hire a pest control expert whenever you notice signs of an infestation.

Children love to play and keep surfaces untidy. As a childcare or daycare manager, you have to ensure that these conditions do not attract pests.

Pests can find daycare facilities to be conducive for infestation due to the availability of food and warmth. It is crucial to seek commercial pest control services before pests get out of control.

Pest Control in Child Care Centres

1. Infestation survey and Inspection

Many daycare staff don’t know what to do when they notice pests starting to infest. We’ll visit the centre to determine the type of pests and the extent of the infestation.

2. Method Identification

After identifying the problem, the Pro Pest Control Sydney experts come up with the perfect solution.

For instance, spraying pesticides can expose children and staff to poisoning especially when they land on surfaces. The method to be used should therefore be chosen carefully.

3. Treatment

After choosing the appropriate methods, technicians embark on the task of controlling pests.

We advise you to keep ants out by caulking cracks around foundations instead of spraying pesticides directly. It is important to treat infestations while protecting the health of the children. 

4. Follow up

After treatment, it is only wise to carry follow up inspections to ensure that the pest control treatment worked and the children are not in any danger.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

An integrated pest management plan (IPM) is a long-term suppression strategy with the environment and its occupants in mind.

It combines minimum pesticides with pest behavioural data to reduce risk to people, property and the environment by the most efficient means.

This pest control service is to ensure that in the process, you don’t cause any harm to children’s health.

Types of Pests


Cockroaches can spread disease and can cause allergic reactions, and asthma. Those are serious illnesses for children. They often live in groups and during the day they hide in boxes and playing places. 


Spiders can bite and scare children off. Some spiders are more harmful to humans than others. Their bites can cause irritations and severe illnesses for children and staff. 


Rodents can cause massive destruction to property, carry and spread diseases. They are a scary sight to children. They can even bite children severely. 


Flies torment children in many ways. They can be irritating and cause disturbance to children as they go around in their business.

We want to minimise contact between children and the common housefly. This is crucial to reduce the risk of diseases. 


Some ants bite while others sting. They can bite multiple times, causing children to feel a lot of pain. They may seem harmless, but a severe ant infestation can cause property damage.

Advantages of Pest Control

  1. To start with, children will be safe from disease-causing pests. If you effectively control them, you will not have to worry about children regularly going down with pest-related illnesses.
  2. By using proven pest control strategies, you can avoid property damage they can potentially cause. Ants and termites can devour children’s toys and playing grounds. 
  3. Day Cares need to be clean on a regular basis. Children play closer to the floor so it needs to be cleaned all the time. Pests are unhygienic creatures and getting rid of them will allow you to keep the childcare centre clean.
  4. Pests come with a lot of costly expenses. These come as a result of all the damage they cause, the illnesses and treatment measures. Getting rid of them will save you financial costs. 

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Child and Day care centres are supposed to be safe and hygienic environments for children to live and play. Pests can make it uncomfortable for children.

It is therefore important to ensure that you employ the necessary effective pest control measures offered by professionals.

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