Termite Treatment Sydney

Termite Control & Treatments for Subterranean Termites

Termite Treatment Sydney

The team at Pro Pest Control Sydney offer licensed and qualified solutions to repel and prevent termites. We have a range of termite treatment and control services to manage infestations and prevent future outbreaks. Our services include inspections, barriers, baiting systems and reticulation. We also offer spraying directly into termite nests.

Termites are one of the worst pests to have in a home, mainly because the damage they cause can be so expensive. Termites (or white ants, as some call them) can do a great deal of damage to timber framed buildings and wooden fixtures.

Almost all homes in Australia are at risk of attack. The wood destroying soft-bodied insects feed on and burrow into floors, ceilings, cabinets and furniture. But the damage isn’t just cosmetic.

A termite infestation can also eat into the structure of your home, destroying support beams, load-bearing walls, roof supports and floor and ceiling joists.

Although they are aggressive eaters with insatiable appetites, they go about their destructive business out of view. Often remaining undetected until considerable damage has occurred.

All parts of Australia are at high risk to termite-attack. Sydney is one of the hardest-hit according to the CSIRO and the DPI (Department Of Primary Industries). Both the climate and the abundance of timber construction in Sydney make them a constant threat of damage.

What Is Termite Control?

Controlling termites means using chemical or physical methods to prevent them from attacking your property. If your building in infested, getting treatment is highly recommended.

Chemicals include repellent and non-repellent termiticides. Products include Imidacloprid, by Premise (Bayer Environmental Sciences) and Fipronil, by Termidor (BASF).

Methods We Use

The following is a list of termite control services we offer.

1. Inspections

Termite Inspections Sydney

An annual termite inspection is an absolute necessity for any timber frame building in Sydney. Inspections are the only way to be sure you do not have a hidden problem.

Letting these destructive white ants go undetected can leave you open to expensive repair bills. We use the latest thermal imaging equipment to effectively locate and assess any damage.

We recommend regular termite inspections at least every 12 months to ensure your home is not at risk.

2. Active Termite Treatment

Termite Treatment Sydney

If we find live termites we spray termiticide directly on the infestation areas. These are commonly found in tree stumps or garden beds. We’ll apply products like Termidor to kill the nests immediately. This extermination method is instant and removes all active colonies. We also apply spot treatments directly to nests we locate. However keep in mind, spot treatments cannot replace long-term protection like termite barriers and baiting systems.

If we find a termite nest or infestation you should act fast. You may need regular termite treatment and annual termite inspections.

3. Bait Stations and Monitoring

Termite Bait Stations and Monitoring

Monitoring and baiting stations are effective treatment options for termite protection. Termite bait stations are installed 3 meters apart along the perimeter of your property to intercept termites.

The bait is a mixture of cellulose materials and a slow acting termiticide. The termites eat and share the attractant wood baits and the termite colony is eliminated.

Bait stations are monitored for activity and re-filled when required. We use bait station products like Sentricon always active and Exterra. Exrerra is an environmentally friendly termite colony elimination system.

The benefit of using termite baiting systems is that you can use them to detect activity and exterminate them. They are also eco-friendly and pose no threat to children or pets.

4. Chemical Barriers

Chemical Barriers Termite Method

Chemical termite barriers provide a complete management plan to protect your home from infestation. They can also be used to kill termites once detected in the property.

A professional termite barrier installer trenches a hole around the outside permitor of your building structure. The soil is then filled with liquid termiticide all around the perimeter. The soil is then filled in and the barrier is complete.

Products like Termidor which has the active ingredient fipronil has a 8 year warranty. Some termiticides repel the termites while others like Termidor are undetectable.

Instead of deterring the access to the property, they poison them and their nestmates. This leads to the reduction or total elimination of the colony.

5. Reticulation Systems

Reticulation Systems

This is generally a pre-construction method used during the initial building stage. The reticulation system consists of a network of underground pipes and refill holes. A liquid termiticide is pumped into the pipe from a manifold then it leaks into the soil through the holes.

You can use these systems to deliver termiticide to termites whenever you notice their activity.

The reticulation systems should be installed during or before construction. That way, they are not too expensive to set up. The refilling of the pipes is also easy. All you need to do is refill and pump the termiticide from the reservoir. This can be done by yourself or hiring a trained and qualified experts like Pro Pest Control Sydney.

6. Dusting

Dusting Termite Control

This is a traditional termite treatment method. However, it is effective to some extent if done in the correct way. Once a technician establishes termite activity at a specific place, the powder is blown over the termite infested area with a small puffer tool.

The idea is to kill the nest directly and transfer the chemical to the colony. Not many companies offer termite dusting nowadays as more effective treatments have been developed.

7. DIY Treatment

DIY Termite Control

Even though not advisable, there are DIY methods to kill termites. You can purchase a range of termiticides online but there is no guarantee of their efficiency. Companies like BASF who produce Termidor only sell to licensed pest control technicians. They also offer a 8 year warranty which isn’t available to the public. That’s why we recommend using a trained professional to ensure you get a guarantee with the work being done.\

Early Signs of Termite Damage

Signs you need treatment from a pest controller?

Early signs of termite damage include the following.

  • Mud Shelter tubes in foundation walls, architraves, brick foundations. They use them for protection and is a clear sign of termite activity.
  • Subterranean tunnels under flooring
  • Hollow sounding timber- Tap the walls and if you notice a different sound it maybe infested
  • Sagging Floors and Floorboards
  • Cracked Paint and Plaster
  • Mud Packing or Mudding
  • Blowholes in trees
  • Termite noise – if disturbed, the soldier creates rattling noises by hitting their heads against the walls of their tunnels. This is called “head banging”.
  • Piles of frass around the house
  • Presence of termite wings

Advantages of Treating Termites

  • Protect Your Investment – 1 in 4 homes in Sydney will be attacked by termites during their lifetime.
  • Most homeowners insurance does not protect you from termite damage.
  • The effect is instant. Most of the professional treatments for active termites act instantly. They stop these pests immediately thus averting further damage to your property.
  • The transfer properties of the liquid termiticides help eliminate the entire termite colonies.
  • Spraying can eliminate nests and stop potential damage.

How Do I Prevent Termite Attack?

1. Inspect Your Property For Risks

Check your property for any wood or timber lying around. They love eating wood. Look for logs, branches, piles of firewood or old tree stumps in garden beds that are left exposed. We recommend having a trained pest control inspector for all inspections.

2. Treat and Seal Exposed Timber

All wooden fences, timber sheds or any expored wood should be sealed and treated. You can choose to paint it using diy products from bunnings or have a professional pest control company treat it for you. This will discourage nesting and future infestations. Alternatively you can replace them with hardwood materials.

3. Fix Leaks

Termites thrive in moist environments. Check your property for blocked drains, leaking taps. Make sure to seal them or have a plumber fix it. Make sure all area have appropriate drainage to avoid any dampness from building up.

4. Dispose Of Unused Timber

If you plan on renovating your home make sure to properly dispose or store waste timber and building refuse. This can be the perfect bredding ground for termite activity.

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Why is termite spraying effective?

Spraying the infested area with a termiticide kills them instantly. It is applied directly to the infestation to exterminate the destructive pests.

What damage can they cause?

They can destroy support beams, foundations and joists which are essential to the structural integrityof your building.

How much does treatment cost?

One off spraying live infestations usually costs between $150 and $250.

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