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Live Termite Treatments

Termite Treatment Sydney

Pro Pest Control Sydney provides range of live termite treatment services for you. If left undetected termites can cause serious damage to timber framed homes. They are a serious threat to all homeowners throughout Sydney. Our pest control and termite treatment services ensure you keep your home protected all year round.

Pro Pest Control offer a three phased termite treatment approach.

  1. Inspection – We perform a thorough inspection to find any evidence of termites. Inspections use thermal imaging and moitsutr detection tools.
  2. Treatment – We exterminate and remove existing active termites.  We kill termite infestations fast using Termidor.
  3. Protection – We offer a range of proactive methods to practively control termites and prevent them from causing further damage. A protective plan helps keep your home safe in the future.

If we find live termites we will use direct chemicals to the active infestion. We apply termite-killing products like Termidor to exterminate the nest effectively. It’s important to note some damage will normally occur to the area once an active termite infestation has been found. Once the house is infested it’s very hard to become termite free without regular termite treatment and annual inspections from a licensed pest control company.

Termites can live undected for many years. As subterranean termites live mainly underground, and rarely leave the tunnels and nests.  Slowly eating away at your timber frames and other wooden fixtures. Here are some signs you may have termite infestation on your property. Dampwood and drywood termites are normally only visually detectable by the damage they cause. Meaning by the time you find the damage it’s already too late. Other species establish nests around the soil in your yard before moving towards your home. So even if you treat the active termite problem in your house, they will keep coming back from the nests.

How Do I Prevent Termite Attack?

1. Inspect Your Property For Risks

Check your property for any wood or timber lying around. They love eating wood. Look for logs, branches, piles of firewood or old tree stumps in garden beds that are left exposed. We recommend having a trained pest control inspector for all inspections.

2. Treat and Seal Exposed Timber

All wooden fences, timber sheds or any expored wood should be sealed and treated. You can choose to paint it using diy products from bunnings or have a professional pest control company treat it for you. This will discourage nesting and future infestations. Alternatively you can replace them with hardwood materials.

3. Fix Leaks

Termites thrive in moist environments. Check your property for  blocked drains, leaking taps. Make sure to seal them or have a plumber fix it. Make sure all area have appropriate drainage to avoid any dampness from building up.

4. Dispose Of Unused Timber

If you plan on renovating your home make sure to properly dispose or store waste timber and building refuse. This can be the perfect bredding ground for termite activity.



Signs you need treatment from a pest controller?

Early signs of termite damage include the following.

  • Mud Shelter tubes in foundation walls, architraves, brick foundations. They use them for protection and is a clear sign of termite activity.
  • Subterranean tunnels under flooring
  • Hollow sounding timber- Tap the walls and if you notice a different sound it maybe infested
  • Sagging Floors and Floorboards
  • Cracked Paint and Plaster
  • Termite Mud Packing or Mudding
  • Blowholes in trees
  • Termite noise – if disturbed, the soldier termite creates rattling noises by hitting their heads against the walls of their tunnels. This is called “head banging”.
  • Piles of termite frass around the house
  • Presence of termite wings

Advantages of Termite Treatment

  • Protect Your Investment – 1 in 4 homes in Sydney will be attacked by termites during their lifetime.
  • Most homeowners insurance does not protect you for termite damage.
  • The effect is instant. Most of the professional treatments for active termites act instantly. They stop these pests immediately thus averting further damage to your property.
  • The transfer properties of the liquid termiticides help eliminate the entire termite colonies. 
  • Termite Spraying can eliminate nests and stop potential damage.

What Are The Other Methods of Termite Treatment are there?

There are several termite treatments and control methods available.

1. Live Active Termite Treatment

If you find termites you need termite treatment to kill the colony. We treat active nests by spraying termiticide directly on the infestations for fast knockdown and complete elimination of the area. Termite spraying is effective to kill a active nest.

2. Termite Inspections

Regular termite inspections and a termite protection plans is the only way to prevent termites with effective pest control. Using infrared detetction technnology our highly trained inspectors can find any trace of termites. They will have no here left to hide.

3. Termite Barriers

The ultimate protection against termites is having a termite barrier installed. This involves digging and trenching around the perimoter of your property and spraying liquid termiticide. Pro Pest Control recommends Termidor as they have an 8 year warranty and a $2 Million dollar insurance protection plan.

4. Termite Baiting Systems

A termite baiting and monitoring system deploys “baits” for termites. These bait stations are placed strategically around your yard and monitored and regualr intervals throughout the year.

5. Termite Reticulation Systems

Reticulation systems are installed during pre-construction phrase of building a house. A pipe is installed beneath the concrete and can be refilled according to the manufacturers recommended timeframe which is normally 2 years.

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Why is termite spraying effective?

Spraying the infested area with a termiticide kills them instantly. It is applied directly to the infestation to exterminate the destructive pests.

What damage can termites cause?

They can destroy support beams, foundations and joists which are essential to the structural integrityof your building.

How much does termite treatment cost?

Termite treatment for a live infestation usually costs between $150 and $250.


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