Termite Treatments

Effective Treatment for Termites

Acting promptly when you notice termite activity on your property can save you from financial ruin. It can help you avert insurmountable damages by these soft-bodied creatures. If you have noted termite activity, contact us immediately to inspect your property. A professional assessment is important because it gauges the extent of infestation. The inspector also recommends the best treatment method based on the property state.

Thankfully, there are several termite treatment methods in the industry. As a pest management and control company, we will always advise you on the best treatment for you. The decision is based on the rate of infestation and the termite species. Below are all the available treatment options we can use to eliminate termites at your home. 

Termite Treatment Options 

1. Termite Monitoring and Baiting Stations

Monitoring and baiting stations are effective treatment options for active termites. With termite activity already established, technicians don’t need inspection cartridges. They go straight to insert the bait and the growth inhibitor in the stations. 

The baiting stations are at least 3 meters apart along the perimeter. The bait which is a cellulose product attracts the termites into the station. As they feed on the bait, they also eat and carry the growth inhibitor back into the colony. This component is slow acting and thus eliminates the colony gradually

The benefit of using baiting stations is that you can use them to detect termite activity and kill them. They are also eco-friendly and pose no threat to your pets nor family. 

2. Chemical Hand sprayed Soil Treatments

Chemical hand spraying treatments are mostly used as termite prevention measures. They can also be used to kill termites once detected in the property. A professional technician sprays a liquid termiticide on the soil along the perimeter. 

Some termiticides repel the termites while others like Termidor are undetectable. Instead of deterring the termite access to the property, they poison them and their nestmates. This leads to the reduction or total elimination of the colony in the compound. 

3. Dusting

This is a traditional termite treatment method. However, it is effective to some extent if done in the correct way. Once a technician establishes termite activity at a specific place, the powder is blown over the termites with a puffer. The idea is to kill the termites directly and also pass the powder into the colony. 

Not many companies offer termite treatment by this method. But we can treat your home by dusting if you request it. It remains relevant due to its environmental friendliness. 

Dusting efficiency depends on the experience and expertise of the pest controller. With our professional technicians, we can guarantee you nothing but efficiency. To attain maximum results, we complement it with other treatments. 

4. Spot Treatment 

Spot treatments are applied directly to termite activity. They are best when termite infestation is outside the house. The termite controller injects an approved liquid termiticide onto active termites. The pesticide takes effect immediately to eliminate the threats.

However, spot treatments cannot replace your long-term termite control plans. They are only short-term solutions for specific affected spots. They are common on tree stumps, garden beds, and trees. 


5. Chemical Reticulation Systems

These systems offer an alternative method to hand spraying termiticides. They consist of an underground pipe with a network of holes. A liquid termiticide is pumped into the pipe from a manifold then it leaks into the soil through the holes. 

You can use these systems to deliver termiticide to termites whenever you notice their activity. The reticulation systems should be installed during or before construction. That way, they are not too expensive to set up. The retreatment is also easy. All you need to do is refill and pump the termiticide from the reservoir. 

6. DIY Treatment 

Even though not advisable, you can settle for DIY methods to kill termites. If you choose this route, it is the best for prevention but not treatment. 

If your property is already infested, one of the top natural methods is the use of black ants. The two bugs don’t see eye to eye. You can release the black ants into the termite colony which they feed on rampantly. Even though they may not eliminate all the termites, they’ll feed on a good number of their population. 

The Cost of Active Termite Treatment 

If your property is already infested with termites, the cost of treatment is not fixed. Our team gives a quotation based on factors such as the property size, level of infestation, etc. 

The bigger the property the higher the treatment cost. The method you choose to use also plays a key role in determining the overall cost. Some methods use more expensive components than others. Therefore, you can always discuss the cost with the technician once on the ground.

No matter the method of treatment you settle for, the cost will range from $250 to $3000.

Advantages of Our Professional Termite Treatments

Although there are natural termite treatment methods, always consider professional ones. They are more superior and long-term termite problem solutions. The other benefits you get from professional termite exterminators include;

  • The effect is instant. Most of the professional treatments for active termites act instantly. They stop these pests immediately thus averting further damage to your property.
  • The transfer properties of the liquid termiticides help eliminate the entire termite colonies. 
  • Our technicians ensure that the methods used do not endanger the lives of your family nor pets. 
  • All our treatment methods meet the Australian standards 
  • We use the latest technology in inspecting and treatment processes

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